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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat™

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Developer: D.I.C.E.
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Websites: Official Site
Game Rating: T (Teen)
[Language, Violence]
Release Date: October 25, 2005
$49.99 / $8.00: GameStop & Movies: Rodeville: November 17, 2007
Players: 1
Dolby 5.1 Surround
HDTV 480p
XBox Live Players: 2-24 xbox live
Voice Support
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The Battlefield franchise explodes onto Xbox with furious action and a bleeding-edge arsenal of vehicles and weapons. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat™ delivers fierce online multiplayer competition and a story-driven single-player campaign where you see both sides of the war. Plunge into battle and decide the outcome of a furious showdown where nothing is as it seems.

  • Intense competition: Engage in online multiplayer action on more than a dozen maps with up to 24 players.
  • Engaging story: An all-new single-player mode drops you deep into a war obscured by deception and propaganda.
  • Unique gameplay: Become anyone in your army with the new Hot-Swapping feature—take total control of each soldier’s unique skills.
  • Varied arsenal: Own the battlefield with more than 30 land, sea, and air vehicles, and more than 50 state-of-the-art weapons.

Darkwatch™ xbox system link xbox live


Developer: High Moon Studios
Publisher: Capcom
Websites: Official Site
Game Rating: M (Mature)
[Blood, Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Sexual Themes]
Release Date: August 1, 2005
Players: 1
Multiplayer Versus 4, System Link: 2-16 xbox system link, Dolby 5.1 Surround, HDTV 480p, Xbox LIVE Multiplayer xbox live
NOTES: Playable on Xbox 360
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Become half-vampire Jericho Cross in the ultimate gun-slinging adventure, Darkwatch™ ! As the newest agent of the Darkwatch, a secret society charged with protecting mankind, you must hunt down an ancient vampire lord, wreaking havoc across a haunted Wild West.

  • Enjoy ultimate gameplay variety: Rip the undead apart with awesome weaponry and powerful assault vehicles. Ride your demonic horse into battle and take on evil with your own devastating vampire powers.
  • Battle through a vampire-infested Wild West: Blast through a frightening new kind of Wild West, inspired by the greatest tales of the vampire and Western genres! The cinematic story line and exceptional art and design couldn't get any "wilder" than this.
  • Enter a living world: Complete with a unique Judgment Engine and Reputation System that let you decide if you want to be a hero or a villain. See the world around you react to your every decision and action.
  • Become unstoppable: Absorb a fallen enemy’s blood cloud to increase your power. Choose how to upgrade each of your abilities. Become your own unique vampire agent of the Darkwatch.

Goldeneye Rogue Agent™ [2] xbox system link xbox live

Goldeneye Rogue Agent

Developer & Publisher: Electronic Arts
Game Rating: M (Mature)
[Violence, Sexual Themes]
Release Date: November 1, 2004
(1) $19.99 - $4.99: EB Games - Arden Fair: October, 10, 2008
(2) $4.99: GameStop - Sacramento: December 27, 2008
Players: 1 - 4
Multiplayer Versus 4
System Link: 2-8 xbox system link
Dolby 5.1 Surround
HDTV 480p
Xbox LIVE Multiplayer xbox live
NOTES: Playable on Xbox 360
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GoldenEye: Rogue Agent™ goes where no previous James Bond™ game has dared to tread. Now you have the chance to cross over to the dark side of the Bond universe.

Experience life as a ruthless and unpredictable villain. Why save the world when you can rule it? Going where no previous James Bond game has dared to tread, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent breaks all the rules by transporting players to the dark side of the Bond universe to experience life as a high-rolling, cold-hearted villain. As an aspiring 00 agent dismissed from MI6 for reckless brutality, you hired as an enforcer by Auric Goldfinger, the wealthy super-villain with a lust for all things gold. Cross paths with such legendary allies and enemies as Oddjob, Scaramanga, Xenia Onatopp, and, of course, Pussy Galore on globe-spanning missions of vengeance and demolition as you make your unrelenting rise through the ranks to the top of the villain world. Featured modes include story-driven campaign missions, deathmatch style simulator trials, and objective-based war games for single and multi-player play.

Build your own personalized villain, equipped with a customizable synthetic eye and physical attributes; E.V.I.L. AI engine motivates enemies to react intelligently to your actions and their surroundings to make every shootout more believable, intense, and unpredictable; goldeneye: rogue agent integrates single-player, multiplayer split-screen, and online gameplay for the playstation2 computer entertainment system across all game modes; featured game modes include story-based campaign missions, deathmatch style simulator trials, and objective-based team war games; fight with and against legendary villains and bond girls such as oddjob, dr. no, goldfinger, pussy galore, and xenia onatopp; travel to famous and original bond locations from the mountains of Switzerland to the streets of Hong Kong and from fort Knox to dr. no's crab key lair in the Caribbean; production design by academy award winning sir ken Adam, visionary creator for the look of the bond film universe; character models from Rene morel and wardrobe designed by Kim Barrett.

  • Show no mercy: Be as bad as you want to be in intense split-screen and online multiplayer modes.
  • Battle the all-new E.V.I.L. AI™: You'll never know what the enemy will do, so no two games will ever be the same.
  • Upgrade your synthetic eye: See through walls, manipulate electronics, deflect bullets, and send enemies flying.
  • Fight alongside and against legendary villains: Including Goldfinger, Oddjob, Pussy Galore, and Dr. No.

It's tempting to camp a Machine Trap location until an enemy comes by. However, this is an all too common practice, and your opponents will be looking for it. Chances are, you'll get sniped or caught from behind while waiting to activate the Machine Trap. Conversely, it's a good idea to look for people camping these locations, as you can get easy kills.

HALO: Combat Evolved [2] xbox system link

Halo Combat Evolved

Developer: Bungie Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studio
Game Rating: M (Mature)
[Blood and Gore, Violence]
Release Date: November 15, 2001
(2) $9.99: GameStop - Sacramento: December 27, 2008
Players: 1 - 4
Multiplayer Versus
System Link: 2-16 xbox system link
Dolby 5.1 Surround
HDTV 720p, Custom Soundtracks
Playable on Xbox 360
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Halo is a sci-fi shooter that takes place on a mysterious alien ring-world. Packed with combat, Halo will have you battling on foot, in vehicles, inside and outdoors with Alien and Human weaponry. Your objective: to uncover Halo's horrible secrets and destroy mankind's sworn enemy, the Covenant.

  • Huge weapon variety: Vanquish your enemies with a vast array of Human or Covenant weaponry ranging from the stealthy (semi-automatic pistols, Alien Needler guns) to the fierce (rocket launchers and assault rifles).
  • Vehicle and foot-based action: Tackle missions any way you choose, be it storming an enemy base or taking the wheel or gunnery position of a variety of powerful vehicles. Vehicles range from stolen Covenant flyers and hovercraft to Human buggies, tanks and more.
  • Indoor and outdoor combat: Fight seamlessly in Halo's ultra-realistic indoor and outdoor environments as you hunt the Covenant in dozens of single player missions and multiplayer battles.
  • Intense multiplayer shootouts: Form a team, choose a role, and fight cooperatively with your friends, battle it out Deathmatch style via intense split screen combat or fight co-op with a friend through the single player missions.
  • Incredible mission variety: Fight the Covenant in dozens of missions as you uncover the dark secrets of Halo. Attack enemy outposts, raid underground labs for advanced technology, rescue fallen comrades, steal alien vehicles and weaponry, and snipe enemy forces.
  • Reality-bending special effects: Halo features the most advanced graphic system on the most advanced gaming platform in the world. Gunfire rips off the screen, explosions light up a living room, and environments blur the line between your couch and fantasy.
  • Rich sci-fi experience: Halo transports gamers into a science fiction universe fresh out of a Hollywood movie. With a detailed twisting storyline, complex characters and cunning enemies, Halo fulfills every sci-fi enthusiast's dream.

Halo 2 [2] xbox system link xbox live

Halo 2

Developer: Bungie Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studio
Game Rating: M (Mature)
[Blood and Gore, Violence]
Release Date: November 9, 2004
(1) $49.99 / $14.99: Video Library GV
(2) $12.99: GameStop - Vacaville: December 27, 2008
Players: 1 - 4
Multiplayer Versus
System Link: 2-16 xbox system link
Dolby 5.1 Surround, HDTV 720p, Custom Soundtracks
Xbox Live xbox live, Playable on Xbox 360
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Halo 2 is the sequel to the highly successful and critically acclaimed Halo: Combat Evolved. In Halo 2, the saga continues as Master Chief—a genetically enhanced super-soldier—is the only thing standing between the relentless Covenant and the destruction of all humankind.

  • Superior graphics, cinematic excellence: Vast, imaginative environments, detailed animation, and realistic lighting effects bring the world of Halo 2 to life.
  • Improved A.I.: Fight side by side with fellow human survivors who react quickly and naturally to events and circumstances; they help you when needed, man guns, and even drive vehicles for you. No two games seem the same, as enemy attackers coordinate, triangulate, and annihilate. They duck to take cover, clamber over obstacles, or smash their way through debris to reach you.
  • Fully positional Dolby® Digital 5.1 surround sound: Duck as a rocket sizzles over your head. Take action as a Covenant Elite growls behind you. Every sound is fully positional, bringing the world of Halo 2 to an even more vivid level of realism.

Unreal II: The Awakening [2] xbox system link xbox live

Unreal II

Developer: Legend Entertainment and Tantalus Interactive
Publisher: Atari
Game Rating: M (Mature)
[Blood, Gore, Violence]
Release Date: February 1, 2004
$39.99 / $11.00: Game Stop - Roseville: December 17, 2005
Players: 1 - 2
HDTV 480p, Dolby 5.1 Surround, SystemLink xbox system link, Xbox LIVE Multiplayer xbox live
Team Xbox Review
Xbox Review | GAME MANUAL (pdf)

As a representative of the law on the edge of human space, in Unreal II—The Awakening you must prevent interstellar war and discover the meaning of the mysterious artifacts.

Supported by your crew, encounter beautiful alien worlds and vicious enemies. It’s up to you to achieve peace through superior firepower.

Famed Unreal engine technology:
Experience enormously detailed graphics (fire, hair, and clothing) and a wide range of battlegrounds, from the breathtaking vistas of vast alien worlds to claustrophobic underground tunnels.

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