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Developer & Publisher: Electronic Arts
Game Rating: M (Mature)
[Violence, Sexual Themes]
Release Date: November 1, 2004
$19.99 - $4.99
Players: 1 - 4
Multiplayer Versus 4
System Link: 2-8 xbox system link
Dolby 5.1 Surround
HDTV 480p
Xbox LIVE Multiplayer xbox live
NOTES: Playable on Xbox 360

First Encounter: With a Twist

By Alex McLain

There are few game franchises whose mere name can evoke a childish smile and a giddy disposition. GoldenEye is one of them.

The original's sublimely crafted single-player experience was enough to proclaim the first-person shooter (FPS) genre as a viable option for console owners. Had it not been for GoldenEye, we may never have been graced with the expertly crafted Halo®: Combat Evolved and Halo® 2; such is the enormous nature of its impact. Plus, it gave us our first legitimate James Bond experience, with slick presentation and an expert understanding of the license.

Moreover, the four-player split-screen multiplayer mayhem gaveGoldenEye a firm and much-loved place in our hearts. It may not have had the plethora of customization options that its spiritual successor (Perfect Dark) boasted, but it pioneered console frag fests with a rock-solid four-player experience that was heavy on the combat and light on frustration (no cheap kills here). It was the ultimate social magnet, too, as a mere whiff of GoldenEye goodness floating out into a dormitory hallway could pull even the most ardent bookworm away with its siren call.

Fans have been yearning for years for a sequel to this now classic game, and while the developer has changed, the call has not gone unanswered. EA has heard your wants and needs, and it has obeyed your request by developing GoldenEye: Rogue Agent™. This is not a remake, as some thought it might be, but instead, it's a sequel that quests to capture the magic of its predecessor.

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent harnesses everything that made the original so appealing. It's fast, frenetic, intense, and unwaveringly solid in the frame-rate department (a key component that rarely gets noticed, but one that is absolutely paramount in a multiplayer FPS). It features well-balanced multiplayer maps and a kick-ass single-player campaign that offers a new take on the Bond universe.

This is Bond without Bond, you might say. Rogue Agentexists firmly within the much-loved Bond universe, and in fact, probably uses more that the license has to offer than any other game before it. That said, you do not play Bond. Instead, you fill the shoes of a MI6 outcast, a former agent whose ruthless tactics and villainous nature did not mesh well with the prim and proper British intelligence agency.

After a botched virtual training mission (in which you let poor 007 die), you are exiled from MI6 by M (as played by Dame Judi Dench). Fear not, though. A man of your talents does not go unemployed for long, and before you can say cut scene, you're picked up by the ever greedy Goldfinger and placed in his employ. So begins the Campaign mode for Rogue Agent.

Beyond the Campaign mode, and even the multiplayer options, are a few important additions to gameplay. Rogue Agent may strive to capture the essence of the original GoldenEye, but it is not above making a few improvements. Chief among these are the following.

A Real Golden Eye

That's right, your Rogue Agent actually sports a cybernetic golden eye, as provided by the incessantly creepy Francisco Scaramanga. (Christopher Lee reprises his role from The Man with the Golden Gun.) This eye provides you with special abilities that you'll earn as you play through the game. You'll be able to see through walls with MRI Vision, effect machinery (and jam guns) with your EM Pulse, deflect bullets with a Polarity Shield, and even harness energy with an Induction Field to throw your enemies from afar.

Rata Tat Tat Al!

Peppered throughout each level—single-player and multiplayer—are Machine Traps. These are like cut-outs of Al Capone in a fun house, but they fire very real guns and deal very real carnage to all in its path. Machine Traps are ruthlessly efficient killing zones, and if used properly (e.g. waiting until a large group is in the affected area), they can make life much easier on you.

It's crucial to use these properly during the singe-player campaign. You can rack up a lot of kills in multiplayer matches with Machine Traps as well. Also, kills made with Machine Traps earn you points for your Rogue Score, which helps unlock items like new multiplayer maps or skins.

You'll Have to Shoot Him First

It may seem like a small addition, but the ability to daze an enemy and take them as a hostage in the single-player missions is huge. Not only does it offer a bit of realism (especially since you're a bad guy), but it adds a completely new element to your level strategy. It's possible to walk through whole areas with a hostage and not get harmed, which is not only great for getting to the next area, but also conserves ammo. (Note though that you move very cumbersomely with a hostage in tow.)

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent is a refreshing take on an already classic game. It's a natural fusion of an old formula with new design and technology. It's like the original felt like a tune up and a fresh coat of paint for the current generation of consoles, and there's no better proof than playing the multiplayer on XboxLive™, which is fully integrated into Rogue Agent.

Auric Enterprises Walkthrough

Auric Enterprises is the second major level of the game, and in keeping with the GoldenEyetradition, it is no easy matter. You'll need to be on top of your skills to get through this level, and since it finds you near the beginning of your GoldenEye: Rogue Agent™ experience, we offer you this walkthrough to help ease you into the game.

Clear OMEN Chamber

This is your first objective. It shouldn't be too difficult. You'll have one enemy ahead of you and to your right, another ahead of you and to your left, and one on the opposite side of the room from you. First, take out the enemies to your left and right. Utilize the cover you start behind and pick them off. The last enemy is ahead of you at the far end of the room. He's heavily armored, but a well-placed bank shot with a grenade (just aim above his head and let the grenade drop down on top of him) should take him out.

Clear OMEN Lab

The OMEN lab is crawling with enemies. Instead of charging right in, try taking refuge behind the barrier just before the entrance to the room. You should be able to pick off the first enemy easily from there. Then, crouch down, enter the room, find cover, and take out any remaining enemies that pop up. The lab itself is actually in the next room (branching off the left of the hallway that you just entered).

Crouch down and move to the desk immediately in front of the lab entrance. You should find a Mag-Rail gun there. Grab it. Remain crouched down and activate your MRI Vision. The Mag-Rail can shoot through objects, so use the MRI Vision to pick out your targets and take them out with the Mag-Rail. (It's a one-shot-one-kill weapon).

Once you've picked off everyone on this side of the room, head up to the center platform. Once there, several more enemies should appear. If you have any bullets for the Mag-Rail left, go ahead and crouch down behind some cover and use the same tactic. If not, use the AR4 Commando Assault Rifle that's lying next to the railing to pick off the remaining enemies (pull the left trigger to activate the scope).

Clear Sub-Zero Lab

When you go into the next room, you'll enter the middle of a firefight. Goldfinger's cronies (your buddies) are the guys in white, and the bad guys are armored in black. You should be able to take out the bad guys by shooting the explosive red barrels next to them.

Next, move across this hall into the next room. At the far end are more exploding barrels. Shoot them to take out any nearby enemies. After that, you'll need to take cover and pick off the first couple enemies with the AR4 Commando Rifle that you should still be carrying. Take your time.

Now, run across to the far end of the platform you're on, and you should find another Mag-Rail. When you do, you'll see a bunch of enemies pop up in the center of the Sub-Zero Lab. Run back to the middle of the platform you're on and activate the sub-zero device. This should take out a number of enemies. After that, you should have an easy time clearing out the rest of the lab.

Clear Alchemy Lab

The corridor leading to the Alchemy lab has two enemies. Blow up the barrels near the far one to take him out. Then, run up and melee attack the other (black button) to quickly dispatch him.

Just before the corridor turns to the right, there is another Mag-Rail. Pick it up, but don't go around the corner. Instead, activate your MRI Vision, pick out your targets, and then round the corner with Mag-Rail blazing. There aren't a lot of groups of enemies in this room, so you should be able to just move slowly throughout the room, picking off enemies with the Mag-Rail as you go.

Once you've moved across to the other side of the room, there's a small hall way. It veers to the right and left. You want to go around to the right, but watch out, there are two enemies there. If you quickly round the corner and toss a grenade between them, you should take them both out. They're both carrying Mamba Pistol-Grip Shotguns. Grab both of them so you're dual wielding Mambas.

Clear Weapons Research Lab

There are a lot of enemies in here, but the key is dual wielding your shotguns correctly. They don't do a lot of damage from afar, but they will knock people down. First, bear to the right and shoot the enemy there. Once he's knocked down, run up and either melee attack him when he gets up or shoot him point blank with the shotgun.

Next, make your way to the center platform (watch out for the guy on the catwalk). You'll be able to test fire a rocket from the center platform, which should take out a number of enemies below. Then, take a lift down to the lower area, run over to the lift on the other side, and take it back up.

A few more enemies will pop up, but if you have enough shotgun ammo left, you should be fine. Just knock them down from a distance. Then, run up and bash them.

Get to the Elevator

Now, you just need to make your way to the elevator, and your home free. The room after the Weapons Research lab is a fun one. First, take out the guy in the glass observation booth. Then, run into the booth and grab the Mk2 Detonator—and have some fun with it. When you shoot someone or something with the Mk2 Detonator, you stick 'em with a tiny grenade. Simply press the fire trigger again and watch them blow.

After you take out the remaining two enemies in this room, proceed through the next door. You've only got two more enemies ahead of you before you get to the elevator. I'll let you figure out how to handle them.

Top-Secret Tips

By Alex McLain

Mastering the Eye

Your Rogue Agent (as well as any skin you choose to play in multiplayer matches) is gifted with a powerful cybernetic golden eye. It's easy to fall into complacency and play this game like any other first-person shooter (FPS), but if you do, you're likely to be spit out the bottom of a multiplayer match or get kicked back to your last Campaign checkpoint, if you forget to utilize the functions of your golden eye. They are:

  • MRI Vision
    Click this on when you want to see through solid objects (boxes, equipment, walls, etc.). You'll be able to see the silhouette of whatever enemies lie in wait. It's a great way to scout out the upcoming area. If you use this strategically, you should rarely be surprised.

    Tip: If you combine this ability with a gun that can pierce through walls (e.g. the Mag-Rail), you'll be able to take down enemies without ever being seen.
  • EM Hack
    This ability allows you to produce electromagnetic pulses that will cause havoc with weaponry and allow you to operate machinery from afar. You can jam your enemies' guns (you'll see a little highlighted box appear around their weapon when this is available), and you'll be able to remotely trigger devices.

    Tip: Triggering Machine Traps remotely in multiplayer matches can get you quick kills. Often, your opponents will check the location of the Machine Trap, and if they don't see an enemy standing next to it, they'll proceed through the endangered area. Crouching down, where you can view the area and still trigger the Machine Trap with your EM Hack, will earn you a quick kill.
  • Polarity Shield
    This function allows you to become impervious to bullets for a short time. Note: In multiplayer matches, using this ability will drain all the energy from your eye, so use it sparingly.

    Tip: Not only does the Polarity shield make you impervious for a short time, but activating it will fool the MRI Vision of your opponents as well.
  • Induction Field
    This will allow you to throw your enemies from afar. It drains quite a bit of energy, but when properly used, it can get you out of a quick jam.

    Tip: Try using this ability on high ground, especially when your enemy is next to a railing or can otherwise be tossed down. It may not automatically kill them*, but it can get them out of your hair for a bit.

    *Note: In Campaign mode, the Induction Field is an immediate kill. In multiplayer, Induction Field behaves differently, however. It's called EM Pulse, and it stuns your enemy (like a melee attack), causing the rumble pack to vibrate.
  • Melee Attack
    There's so much gunplay in GoldenEye that it's easy to forget that you have access to a melee attack. This attack is not only powerful, but it's also preferable when in close contact, as it requires less precise aim (especially if they're running circles around you). Plus, it helps preserve ammo (especially important in the single-player campaign), which can be at a premium at times.
  • Machine Traps
    Environmental hazards are plentiful in both the single-player campaign and multiplayer maps. Make sure you know where they're activated from, and keep a sharp eye (using the MRI Vision when you can) to make sure no one is lurking about, waiting to use them. Also, it's common for people to camp at these locations, so if you're having trouble finding enemies in multiplayer, try looking for your opponents that have activated Machine Traps.
  • Keep Moving
    First off, no one likes a camper. Secondly, with MRI Vision available to your enemies in multiplayer, chances are you'll get spotted and fragged, if you stay in one place for too long.
  • Shotgun From Afar
    Most would say that the Shotgun is only effective up close. Sure, that's where it does the most damage, but a well-placed Shotgun blast from a distance can also knock your opponent off their feet, giving you plenty of time to run to point-blank range for the next shot.

    The best chance for success in Rogue Agent is to find that perfect balance between the run-and-gun twitch abilities you'll need and good tactics. Knowing the maps, understanding your special abilities, discovering the weaknesses and strengths of each weapon, and even finding the weaknesses and strengths of your own abilities will give you the edge you need to succeed.


By David McCutcheon

Oh, you're stylin' and profilin'! Look at you, sexy secret agent man! You're one of the best secret agents in the world, and everything is fine and dandy as far as you're concerned—but what you do not know may hurt you. As usual, just as things have cooled down, you're thrust straight back into the heat of things. It's up to you, dear Bondsman, to save the world from immediate danger.

Be cool, slick. We here at IGN Guides have got your back, as always! Just lie down and read the guide, as everything will become crystal clear.

IGN Basics

Getting Adjusted With Control Set-Ups

At the start of a single player campaign, you will be prompted to choose your control types. The selection is completely up to you, although we prefer the Precision style, as it controls less strange than the Classic choice. Again, this all boils down to personal preference and selection.

Rogue Bonuses

You will receive Rogue Bonus points for eliminating your foes by using sneaky melee kills or headshots. The amount of Rogue Bonuses you receive is based on how many skilled kills you've accomplished; nothing else is "hidden," so to speak. Rogue Bonuses will unlock bonus material.

Mouse Trap!

There are certain traps that can be triggered throughout the game. You will get an early glimpse of these things in Fort Knox, where a large compacter will crush the line in front of you. You must learn to use these wisely, as you can carefully remove a large chunk of enemy fire by waiting for the right time to pull the trigger. Beware of intelligent enemies that will hit the trigger on you, though.

Hostage Got!

You can take hostages throughout the game and use their bodies to absorb the bullets that will be fired at you. This will come in handy, especially when you're going through tough areas that will require some body armor due to automatic weaponry. This will also help considerably when looking for a different way to approach things. Use the weapon as a melee attack to knock the guard out and carry him around with you.

Boss Fights

You may not notice it, but "boss" characters will surely pop up from time to time throughout the game. These guys are usually people that you must bump off for assassination missions, but sometimes they will just be more powerful versions of common enemies. They will need full clips unloaded into them to get'em down and out. You can tell boss characters from normal ones due to the fact that a name will pop up whenever you target them, such as “Pittman.”

Ammo Grabbin'!

Every time you take down an enemy, you can take their ammunition with you by stealing their weapon. This is very vital to beating the single player Campaign, as you will need ammo to kill, and you need to kill to survive. Just remember to search the area where the enemy was killed after you've bumped them off.

Growing Your Arms Back

You can heal your own wounds, although you cannot regain health from body armor once it has been depleted. To regain your health, crouch down and take a breather instead of getting shot at. Find a safe space, and lie still long enough and your health will magically begin filling back up. Ahh, the marvels of human technology and science.

New Abilities

Use your new abilities that you learn upon completing a mission very wisely. You can only use them temporarily, and we do not note when to use them in the walkthrough—that is for you to decide. We provide the best strategies on how to beat the game without using your abilities, that way you're free to use them whenever you're in a tight spot without feeling obligated to save them in case you'll need them later on.

IGN Weapons


The standard weapon for Goldeneye in the game, as it works as a 9MM that will surely down some unfriendly guards with precisely aimed headshots in a matter of seconds. It's not the fastest weapon in the game, but you make due with what you have.

Type-S Frag

The Type-S Frag is the standard throwing weapon in the game, which just so happens to complement the Spec-9 perfectly. Do you have a mob of dastardly villains surrounding the outer part of the box you're hiding behind? A well thrown Type-S Frag will do the trick and conserve pistol ammo.

Jackal .357

The standard weapon amongst early enemies is the Jackal .357, a powerful firearm that will do tons of damage if exposed for too long. When fighting an enemy with one, either bumrush them and take them hostage, or simply hide behind a crate of some sort and pop up from behind it just long enough to take care of them.


Looking for something a little faster and a little more powerful? Are you simply not so good at headshots, or even shooting a gun? Look no further than the HS-90! This automatic weapon will trim a line of enemies down in no time flat! Just line her up and take her across the board with bullets flying everywhere! Just a few shots will do the trick.

Mamba 12GA.

Looking for a blast from the past? A blast you shall receive with the Mamba 12GA. shotgun. The speed of the weapon isn't the fastest in the game, nor is the damage the most efficient, but it will certainly cut enemies down relatively quickly with little mess on your part. It's the perfect weapon when you're going Rambo on'em.

Predator MG

One of the coolest weapons in the game is the Predator MG, which releases a device that spits additional ammunition over a short period of time. Not only is it hardcore in every sense of the word, but it is also futuristic and stylish. Don't leave home without it!

Longbow SR

The Longbow SR is the perfect sniping weaponry. If you're a fan of the “play cool” method, where you simply sit tight and await the enemy's head to pop up around the corner only for you to take it off with a single shot, then this puppy's for you! Note that you can only find the Longbow SR in the Campaign mode.

AR4 Commando

The most common “heavy” weapon in the game, the AR4 Commando will rip a hole into anybody it touches in under 5 bullets. This assault rifle is state of the art weaponry that most would consider an AK-47 — but who are we fooling? That is merely a cheap imitation.

Harpoon RL

The only thing more delightful than a rocket launcher is a rocket launcher that blasts Fleetwood Mac while you shoot it. Sadly, this isn't the case, but it's still a rocket launcher, and that counts for something, right? Beware, if you launch this thing is a small room, get prepared for some backlash on the rockets part.


The Mag-Rail is in practically every first person shooter, and for a very good reason: it's just fun to use. The Mag-Rail is very handy when attempting an escape, as it will tear through anything put before it.

Venom 200ML

The maximum in stun gun equipment, the Venom 200ML will leave an opponent completely vulnerable to whatever attack you might choose to make them endure. This is a very nice, sneaky weapon that can be used in practically every situation with the exception of “combat zone” style fighting.

MK2 Detonator

If you're looking for the ultimate in sneak attacking, look no further than the MK2 Detonator. Attach the bomb to an unsuspecting guard and wait for him to arrive at a group meeting — kaboom! The main purpose of the weapon, however, is to blow up enemy vehicles. Use it for this purpose as a primary, and have fun with it otherwise.

Tesla EM

Used only in the Campaign mode, the Tesla EM is a charge of electricity, as you likely guessed by the name, which is controlled through the weaponry and released on a networking system to disrupt data and/or disarm certain security measures. Hence why it's not in multiplayer!

Omen XR

Top secret information here! Turn away, nothing to see here! It's a rifle that's rumored to have been in development for years that can make a target disintegrate. Move along people!


Paintball Mode:

All multi-player mode skins:

Full Eye Power:

Full Health and Armor:

Unlock Eye Powers:

One Life Mode:
Beat the game on the hard difficulty setting to play One Life Mode.

To unlock all single player and multi-player levels in GoldenEye:
Rogue Agent enter DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, UP, LEFT at the extras menu.

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