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Developer: High Moon Studios
Publisher: Capcom
Websites: Official Site
Game Rating: M (Mature)
[Blood, Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Sexual Themes]
Release Date: August 1, 2005
Players: 1
Multiplayer Versus, System Link: 2-16 xbox system link, Dolby 5.1 Surround, HDTV 480p, Xbox LIVE Multiplayer xbox live, Xbox LIVE Aware
NOTES: Playable on Xbox 360

First Encounter

By Chris Zimmerman

they have been around for centuries — watching, waiting, preying on humanity (no, not telemarketers — vampires, goof). In Darkwatch™, a new first-person shooter from publisher Capcom and developer High Moon Studios, it is your job to finally lay the dark creatures to rest. Just one hitch—the blood of the beasts runs in the veins of anti-hero Jericho Cross, whose humanity wanes with every second spent wandering the Wild West.

Blood In, Blood Out
Almost as unique as the title's storyline and neo-Gothic aesthetic — note how every weapon, including shotgun and redeemer pistol, could double as a sadomasochistic centerpiece — is, of course, its setting. The tale opens atmospherically enough, as Jericho leaps onto a train roaring through the moonlit night. A wanted outlaw with a string of robberies and assaults to his credit, Cross has come seeking treasure. What he finds instead, after fighting his way through jittering cars filled with meat lockers and savaged corpses, is destiny. Or rather, a royal pain in the neck, in the form of a blood-sucking psychopath named Lazarus. After unintentionally being released from the vault where he's held captive, Lazarus proceeds to bite the bandit. And, just for fun, he alters the shape of the land all around, uproots trees, annihilates frontier outposts, and summons the dead from their graves. Bummer.

Luckily, life as a plasma addict is not so bad; you are rescued from eternal enslavement by Cassidy, a sexy female gunslinger. Following her lead, you first stave off Lazarus' immediate attacks (he teleports around the roof of the train, sending sickle-wielding zombies your way) then make a break for it on horseback. After hopping into the saddle, you thunder across an open plain, controlling your steed's movement with the left thumbstick while popping shots at the cadaverous cowboys using the right thumbstick to aim. Blow baddies out of their chaps or shoot their mounts out from underneath them, and you might just live to join the Darkwatch, an ancient organization which protects humanity from supernatural horrors. Plus, have some good old-fashioned (if not necessarily kid-friendly) fun, literally taking enemies apart piece by piece.

Tales From the Crypt
Exploring open-ended levels such as cemeteries, secret passages, crypts, canyons, and mausoleums, you discover most of the title's entertainment value comes from pure gunplay. Furthermore, the action's fast, furious, and of the ultra-violent variety. Dark lighting and scary scenery props — rotted tombstones, splintered saloons, and creaking shanties — set the stage for mayhem, as you empty your six-shooters and unleash explosive crossbow bolts into the hordes of rotting corpses.

Enemies, who stumble on after you've blown off arms, legs, and even heads, actually exhibit considerable intelligence as well. Lob dynamite or a grenade towards an immensely fat, fanged blob (armed with twin swords and capable of vomiting bile your way) and it flees with surprising quickness. Take potshots at snipers lurking atop overlooking ravines, and they duck behind rocks for cover. Pump flammable projectiles into a banshee, and she floats around dodging subsequent assaults, even though it is obvious permanent obliteration is both certain and imminent.

Fangs for the Memories
As the game progresses, your powers increase — no Nosferatu would be complete without a host of unholy abilities. You begin with basic talents including blood vision (the ability to spot enemies, power-ups, and exits through a crimson haze) and a regenerating blood shield. Collect blood clouds dropped by fallen enemies to fill a special meter. Once it reaches maximum capacity, you've got the option of invoking additional talents such as damage-enhancing effects, mystic shields, and sweet techniques that literally put the fear of God into adversaries.

Interestingly, the specific skills you acquire are determined by your moral outlook. To wit, at various points during the adventure, you are presented with ethical dilemmas. Choose to save a woman infected by Lazarus' bite versus kill her, for instance, and you align yourself with good instead of evil. As a result, you move further away from having the option of sucking out enemy souls, but one step closer to gaining the choice of calling down chain lightning.

Whatever your philosophical preference, rest assured you are in for a frighteningly good time. Spookier than Serious Sam, more haunting than Halo®: Combat Evolved, and every bit as atmospheric as Area 51, Darkwatch should lay skeptics' doubts—plus several hundred supernatural beasties—to rest when it ships this August.

Rory McGuire, Darkwatch Designer

One of the most anticipated Xbox games casts you in the role of an agent of a secret society charged with protecting mankind. During this adventure, you blow zombie cowboys to pieces, hunt down an ancient vampire lord, and wreak havoc across a haunted Wild West environment. We sat down with one of the game designers for some inside information about this cool new title.

We're here with Darkwatch™ game designer Rory McGuire from High Moon Studios. This unique game combines elements of several game and story genres. How do you classify the game, and what separates it from other Westerns and/or “survival horror” games?
Darkwatch is a vampire Western first-person shooter (FPS). Every Western icon is present, but it is twisted, rotting, and clawing its way out of the ground. Gunfights in cow towns with rowdy bandits become duels with cadres of undead gunslingers. Stepping into a brothel means dealing with the banshee denizens, who do not want your money but your eternal soul. Fending off angry natives turns into fighting whole tribes of locals consumed by vampirism.

Darkwatch combines weaponry and vampire powers, so the gameplay is also an intuitive blending of genres. With abilities such the as a leaping double “Vampire Jump,” heavy emphasis on melee that is unique to each weapon, and acquired “area of effect” vampire superpowers, you have a very unique arsenal of attacks for a FPS. For instance, a group of enemies hiding behind cover are in for a surprise as you leap through the air onto a nearby building, run along a series of rooftops, drop behind the dug-in foes, and then tear them asunder in close combat.

Tell us a little about Jericho, and what makes him a unique hero. How do his vampirism powers work? What is his ultimate goal?
Jericho Cross is a train robber lining up his final score before heading south to Mexico when he picks the wrong train, inadvertently releases a vampire lord, and gets himself bitten for his troubles. This is all established in the first sequence of the game, so you quickly acquire powerful Darkwatch weapons and Jericho's vampire powers. You find out how to leap high into the air, regenerate the Blood Cloak shield, and learn darker powers fueled by the souls of your enemies.

Depending on the good or evil decisions you make, Jericho acquires good or evil superpowers. All the powers use the blood of the dead, Blood Clouds that Jericho absorbs from fallen enemies. Jericho's attacks vary: he drives himself into a vampire frenzy to become temporarily invulnerable, turns the undead against each other, inspires fear in his enemies, or just lays waste to everyone in sight by reaching out and stealing their souls.

He needs all of these powers to pursue his goal-kill the creature that bit him, the vampire lord Lazarus. Killing Lazarus lets Jericho reacquire his soul or become a vampire lord himself.

Every cowboy hero needs a good horse. How have vehicles and mounts been incorporated into the game, and how will they work in multiplayer?
The horse is a staple of Westerns, even the vampire Western. We put a lot of thought and energy in creating Jericho's horse, Shadow, and the environments he rides through. Jericho is not just riding some pony; Shadow is an undead horse fit for his vampire master, and he can take a mean beating just like Jericho can. Jericho uses Shadow to fend off undead riders, chase down a train and jump on board, and even fight bosses from horseback. While using Shadow, you maneuver fluidly, dodging back and forth as you speed up or slow down to catch a nearby foe.

Jericho also discovers the Darkwatch organization's experimental Coyote Steam Wagon, a steam-powered Gatling gun-mounted vehicle. The Coyote mows through enemies faster than any other weapon in your arsenal. it is also available in multiplayer, where you use it to tear through foes, run flags, and escort teammates.

Speaking of multiplayer, how big can we expect Darkwatch battles to get on Xbox Live? What multiplayer options are built into the game, online or offline?
Darkwatch supports up to 16 players via XboxLive. You use the full arsenal of Darkwatch weaponry for Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and team or free-for-all variations of a unique game mode called Soulhunter where opposing teams or players gather Blood Clouds. There are 16 unique maps spanning across various locations, such as a snowed-in pass, a dangerous cliff side, and a rundown cow town. In addition, there are also eight daylight variants, which minimize vampire powers. The offline option offers four-player split-screen multiplayer, with the same modes and maps available.

How important will melee combat be in the game, and will that emphasis change over the course of the single player game as Jericho himself changes?
Melee combat is an integral part of theDarkwatch experience. The undead cowboys charge like frenzied maniacs. The Darkwatch have adapted to this by mounting blades (or, in the case of the Rail Rocket launcher, a hammer head) on the hilts of their weapons to make for improvised melee weapons. Jericho puts these blades to good use, lopping off undead heads and limbs alike. Jericho also interacts with objects in the environment, such as knocking a TNT keg toward a charging enemy.

The title refers to a secret evil-fighting organization in the game-how much can you tell us about the Darkwatch, and their role in Jericho's story? What secondary characters will help or hinder his progress?
The Darkwatch are as ancient as Western Civilization; their formation began with the fall of Rome, and they have been fighting a shadow war with the undead for nearly two millennia. After Jericho is bitten by the vampire lord, he doesn't have much choice but to seek them out, and he inevitably ends up joining them.

In the Darkwatch organization, Jericho fights next to Cassidy Sharpe, a cowgirl turned vampire hunter; Tala, a Native American woman hunting vampires after her tribe was slain by them; General Clay Cartwright, the grizzled leader of the Darkwatch; plus countless Regulators who are the shock-troopers of the militant organization.

Tell us about the guns. What sort of weapons does Jericho wield, and how are they upgraded or enhanced throughout the game?
Fighting the undead is not for the faint of heart, and the Darkwatch were forced to evolve or die. This evolution came in the form of technology, and the Darkwatchare far ahead of anyone else in terms of armament. TheDarkwatch have fully automatic machine guns, rocket launchers, and pistols that qualify more as submachine guns than Peacemakers. Each weapon has its role in hunting the undead: the Range Rifle pops a zombie's head at a few hundred yards, while the Crossbow rapidly fires sticky explosive rounds up close.

The real joy is not just the weaponry; it is what you do with it. Enemies in Darkwatch feature full location damage and Havok physics. This means when an undead gunslinger comes at you, blow his arm off and his pistol with it. While he recoils in pain, blast his head clean off, then shoot it on the ground afterwards. This is much more than just set dressing, because enemies are intelligent about reacting to damage. For instance, a character using a two handed weapon draws a knife and comes at you in melee combat after losing his arm.

What about the Western and horror genres appealed most to the designers? What was the genesis of the idea that became Darkwatch?
While always a Western, Darkwatch went through many incarnations before it became the game that it is now. Initially, it began as a comedic platformer with a much different Jericho character. As time went on, we realized that a darker take on the Western genre was not only unique, but allowed us to create the visuals and gameplay that we wanted. From there, the Darkwatch, a gritty secret society hunting the undead, was born.

Our current style enabled us to create crazy environments that have not been seen before, as well as the distinctive characters and weaponry that populate them.

Darkwatch has had more than one home over the last couple of years. Could you tell us a little of that development history, and how High Moon and Capcom got together to bring us the game?
Darkwatch started as the first-ever U.S. internal development project for the Sammy Corporation, which was eager to expand its videogame business in North America. Originally, our team worked as a subsidiary of the company under the name Sammy Studios. When Sammy acquired SEGA®, less focus was directed toward U.S. development.

As part of an amicable agreement, the merged company SEGA-Sammy divested itself of this studio, allowing us to establish ourselves as an independent company and obtain the rights to all of our original intellectual property, including Darkwatch. Hence, High Moon Studios was born and we announced the new company prior to this past Game Developer's Conference. We had spoken to several publishers and felt that Capcom was the perfect choice for us. Capcom has an impressive lineup of games like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, so Darkwatch seemed to fit naturally alongside their renowned properties. We are definitely both excited to be working together on this project.

Guns and Ammo

By Chris Zimmerman

Despite the inherent talents of Darkwatch™ headliner Jericho Cross—berserker rage, lightning summoning, and essence-draining abilities—the human/vampire bandit still relies mostly on good, old-fashioned firepower when dispensing with his undead opponents. And why not? It wouldn't be an authentic Old West shootout without a huge array of hyper-kinetic guns for you to employ against skeletons, banshees, and animated corpses. As a member of a millennia-old secret society dedicated to protecting humanity from the supernatural, you have quite a selection of one-of-a-kind, occult-fueled ordnance at your disposal. Here's a look inside your armory:

Redeemer Revolver
This is a standard-issue pistol—aside, of course, from the built-in option to fan the hammer. Rat-tat-tat! It quickly expends an entire clip in machine gun-style fashion. The most common weapon you encounter, it also packs surprising stopping power and blows the arms, legs, and heads clean off opponents. The accuracy's not so great, however, especially if you go the rapid-fire route. But at point-blank range, well … adios, amigos.

Blackfish Carbine
A modified musket that is been turned into a breach-loading repeater, the carbine has decent range and stopping power. Employ this firearm to eliminate distant gunmen with just a couple of shots. Also useful in close-quarters melee, thanks to a solid heft and (more importantly) bladed handle.

Carson Range Rifle
Equally capable of taking out a vampire or enemy-spawning mark of evil at 200 paces, this one's light on damage potential but great for keeping your distance while harassing adversaries. Hitting the mark's a little difficult—it is not the most on-target option—but an integrated sniper scope more than makes up for any shortcomings.

Argus Shotgun
Forget sawed-off alternatives—this sucker sports four beautiful barrels and one wicked six-inch blade. Save it for use when standing toe-to-toe against a powerful baddie. Two barrels deploy at any given time, spewing flesh-shredding rounds, while the second pair simultaneously reloads. Spread effects are decent, but face it—it is far more fun emptying the chamber right into a zombie's rotting chest.

Dual Crossbow
Arrows make an excellent delivery platform for explosives. The crossbow's triggers fire two projectiles almost simultaneously, so launch your quarrels from a distance and watch enemies ignite. Extremely powerful, it is also highly dangerous; once struck, victims tend to run around wildly, effectively doubling as suicide bombers. Stay far away.

Rail Rocket
A wicked twist on a naval signal cannon, this inspired invention hurls mortars great distances. Steer the fired projectiles while in flight, tracking opponents who turn and flee as certain doom approaches. For close-range combat though, stick with its ability to double as a melee weapon, lest you too suffer the ravages of explosive effects.

More effective than a bullet against adversaries, dynamite is also more difficult to use against them, thanks to its delayed damage effects. Foes scatter when you light the fuse; wise players vacate the area as well, or risk being blown to bits.

Gatling Turret
The turret is an upgrade on the garden-variety Gatling gun, which improves its overall rate of fire. This is most commonly found mounted on mobile vehicles such as the coyote steam wagon. You can't throw, jump, or use Blood Vision while manning one, but an unlimited ammo supply more than makes up for any strategic limitations.

Cannon Turret
Reach out and crush someone with this massively potent weapon. Granted, it has its downsides, such as slow movement speeds, poor turning ability, and blind spots. Still, hit anything with it once, and trust me … that undead cowboy won't get up. Find these aboard Darkwatch trains and steam wagons. Stationary turrets sporting an unlimited number of cannonballs are also a common sight in multiplayer match-ups.

Darkwatch Scepter
Use this viciously spiked and bladed bad boy—a weapon fit for a king—to crown your opponents or cleave them in twain. Originally offered as an instructional tool for use in the Darkwatch Training Maze, you are also sure to stumble across samples out in the field. An option of last resort in story mode, scepters gain considerable power in multiplayer rounds of Capture the Flag, where they serve as both flag and melee weapon.

Warmaker Pistols
Not so hot in terms of stopping power or ammo capacity, these dual pistols are great for sapping an approaching foe's health via a series of alternating shots, which do considerable damage when suffered in rapid succession. Once up close, ailing foes are dispatched with a quick one-two punch melee strike.

Vampiric Tips

By Wendell Scott

Darkwatch™ combines vampires and the Old West to create an entirely new kind of FPS. As half-vamp gunslinger Jericho Cross fights to recover his humanity, he allies himself with the shadowy Darkwatch organization and takes on hordes of zombies, vampires, and other night terrors. Here are a few pointers for becoming the fastest half-dead gun in town.

Burn the Source
Often you have to contend with a seemingly endless flood of grunt-level foes. This is because it actually is an endless flood, one that flows from the awful, cocoon-like "hives" that spawn the beasts. You must destroy the hive to stop the tide, and that is not always easy. Sometimes the game puts the hive high on an inaccessible hill or sticks it to a sheer canyon wall. You can pump round after round into the hive from a distance, but if you want it done quickly you must use your dynamite. If you time your toss right, you can not only blast the hive but also take out a handful of the enemies it just created, to harvest even more of that sweet Blood Cloud. If all else fails, use your Vampire Jump to get close and then melee the hive to pieces.

Head Shots and Undead: A Dangerous Combination
Darkwatch breaks with shooter tradition somewhat in that head shots are not necessarily an instant kill. Sure, your bullets and shotgun blasts do damage and may even decapitate the zombie shuffling toward you, but no head does not mean no danger. Some undead keep coming after you've literally blown their heads off, so do not take your eye off any enemy until you see the Blood Cloud their death leaves behind. If you do not have time to aim at the attacking enemy's remaining vulnerable spots, go ahead and fan the hammer to fill whatever's left with lead.

Power to the People
Speaking of Blood Clouds, you must collect this essence left behind by defeated enemies to fuel Jericho's vampiric abilities. These powers are what set him apart from the average FPS hero, so be sure to make the most of them. Once you've explored the obvious uses (Blood Vision provides a limited zoom to aim by, Vampire Jump lets you reach remote areas), try thinking about them tactically. Since Blood Vision calls out anything supernatural, you can use it as a locator for magical items, portals, or even that zombie cowpoke who keeps shooting at you from the shadows. Vampire Jump doesn't just let you take the high ground, it gets you off the low ground—you do not need to jump on something to get away. Jericho jumps so high he can get out of almost any bad situation; better yet, on the way down he can target and shoot his enemies so that things are not so dangerous once he lands. You can also steer yourself slightly in mid-flight so that you are sure to come down precisely where you want to either on top of that precious ammo pick-up or behind your most dangerous enemy so you can bushwhack him.

Your choice of new vampiric powers is limited by your actions in the game—abuse, murder, and feed on the innocent to open up the darker, nastier powers; protect and defend them to unlock the good ones (which are just as effective and visually satisfying). Along with your choice of powers, your actions also determine your interaction with NPCs and the ending you get, so make every choice carefully.

Darkwatch provides a slick mix of spooky chills and shooter action. Since you can customize Jericho Cross's powers, you are sure to find your own tips based on the gunslinger you've created. In the meantime, these pointers can keep you alive until you start making decisions about your own undead hero.

IGN Introduction

By Mark Ryan Sallee

It takes guts to become one of the Darkwatch, but it takes a lot more to become Jericho Cross. You've got to be a master of the vampiric arts to deal with the hordes of demons sent your way, perfecting skills they do not teach you in Sunday school. Luckily for you, we here at IGN are ready to make up for your lacking childhood schooling. Bone Demons and Banshees got you down? do not worry. Before long, we'll transform your feeble body into the vampiric murderer that is lurking deep inside.

Our complete guide to Darkwatch will take you step-by-step through every mission in the game, guiding you towards key weapons and the ever-elusive offerings from Lazarus that'll augment your vampire powers. To defeat your enemies you must know your enemies, and we've got the strategy you need.

IGN Basics

Vampire Jump
One of your most important powers as a vampire is your ability to perform some crazy jumps. And while the simple mechanics of double jumping will get you to places normal humans can not reach, there is a bit more depth to jumping that is worth discovering.

Jump cancelling is a powerful skill when properly used, as it makes your jumping much more accurate. When in the middle of any jump, simply press the interact button to make Jericho fall straight down. This comes in handy when jumping long horizontal distances. As you float over your target landing spot, cancel the jump to drop straight down and avoid overshooting your target.

Of course, your insane vampire jumping is not just used for exploration. Expert jumping can be a huge asset when engaging in combat. When you are being swarmed with enemies, backpedal away from them and perform a double jump so that you are looking down at them from the air. As you float upwards, you can drop a few rounds into the crowd of enemies or even toss a stick of dynamite on the ground. Since you are high in the air, you won't feel any of the dynamite blast, leaving only your enemies to suffer the burn.

Melee Style
So you've got an almost infinite supply of ammo at your disposal and plenty of high-powered weapons to grab, but that doesn't mean you should forsake good old fashion hand-to-hand combat! Melee strikes in Darkwatch are devastating when used properly, and let you dish out some pain on lesser enemies without using up your ammo stocks.

Different weapons have different melee strikes, though you can assume all are the same except for the Redeemer and the Crossbow (both of which have weaker melee attacks than the other weapons). Melee attacks from other weapons are capable of killing many enemy types in just one hit. When taking on one or two enemies alone, use quick melee strikes to deal with them and conserve your ammo. Or, if you've emptied your clip and do not have time to reload, quickly melee to finish the job.

Gearing Up
Every time you step into battle, you are faced with the important task of gearing up with weapons to take out the enemy hordes. it is important to pick your weapons wisely, as you are only able to carry two guns at a time. Be sure to find a balance between power, speed, and distance in order to ensure your success.

it is usually a good idea to have one weapon for quick, close combat and a second weapon geared more for long-range shooting. Different missions will require different weapons, but in general it is a good idea to have a Redeemer or a Shotgun for your close fighting and a Carbine or Range Rifle for sniping. Certain instances will necessitate the use of the Crossbow or Rail Rocket, but these should only be used quickly before being discarded in favor of a more versatile weapon set. Read Guns and Ammo for more details on each weapon to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

IGN Enemies

Though environmental perils litter your journey, the main obstacles are the hordes of enemies constantly nipping at your heels. The best way to fight these demons is to first learn about them—learn the things that make them tick, and figure out their weaknesses. Luckily, we've done all the learning for you.

Bone Demons
The first enemy you meet is also the most common. These Bone Demons are the weakest enemy you'll face, but that doesn't mean they are not deadly. Bone Demons will run straight for you, leaping any height in order to reach you. Their only attack is a melee strike, so you can easily pick them off from afar. The Redeemer is the best weapon against them, as just one head shot is enough to kill a Bone Demon. Be careful not to get surrounded—Bone Demons will try to back you into a corner where they can wail on you pretty hard. In these situations, use melee strikes from more powerful weapons to instantly drop them in their tracks.

Eventually, you'll run into a ghostly form of these Bone Demons. The ghost form is more resilient, as it takes a lot more to kill 'em. Luckily, their attack pattern is just as simple and the same strategies work against them. Stick to more powerful weapons, like the Shotgun or Carbine, and drop dynamite in their path as they march toward you.

Keggers are a variation of the Bone Demons, but their attack is way more deadly. They run towards you carrying large barrels of highly explosive dynamite, and will explode when they get near you. You do not want to be in the range of this explosion when it goes off, as it can easily kill you in one shot. Pick of Keggers from afar to ensure you do not get hurt.

You can take out Keggers with just one shot from any gun as long as your accuracy is good. Simply target the explosive barrel they are carrying and you'll do away with the enemy (and any others nearby). The Redeemer is a great weapon against Keggers because of its accuracy and speed, and since you do not need any more power than what the Redeemer offers you won't need to waste ammo from more precious guns.

These snipers are pretty deadly, as their accuracy is unmatched. Simply making yourself visible to Riflemen is enough to get you shot instantly, so you'll want to be discreet when it comes to attacking them. Stick behind corners and peek out while zoomed in to go for a head shot. The Carbine and Range Rifle can kill these guys instantly if you nail them in the skull.

Luckily, Riflemen never leave their post. This lets you carefully set up a plan of attack and pick them off without losing track of them. Whenever you get shot from a Rifleman, take cover and make note of his location. If you can keep cover while taking out the more in-your-face enemies, you can save the Riflemen for last and avoid their fire in the process.

Like Snipers, Gunslingers are dangerous from a distance, though their accuracy is definitely not as good. What makes these guys more dangerous is their movement‐unlike Snipers, Gunslingers will chase after you. Take out Gunslingers quickly since you can't run for cover, using a Carbine or dynamite sticks to quickly deal with them. Also, melee attacks work particularly well against these enemies. Just one melee from a powerful weapon will drop them instantly.

Keep an eye out for a variation of the Gunslingers. Later in the game, you'll run into Gunslingers that are not wearing hats. These guys will take more shots to kill, though they are still very vulnerable to melee strikes.

These floating women can be a pain, but patience and accurate sniping will save the day. It takes a good deal of ammo to kill Banshees unless you target their heads. Weapons like the Carbine, Shotgun, and Range Rifle can drop Banshees in one shot if you nail their head perfectly. But the biggest obstacle the Banshees throw up is their large projectile shots. You can shoot these shots down with fire of your own, but in the same way your own shots are intercepted by theirs. If you are lining up a head shot and do not fire until after the Banshee launches an attack, her projectile will intercept and negate your shot. Luckily, you can stun Banshees by hitting them anywhere else on the body. Shoot a Banshee in the body once to stun her, then quickly target her head for a quick kill.

Later in the game, you'll run into a ghostly variation of the Banshee. These ghosts take a lot more ammo to kill, but head shots are still effective (though no longer an instant kill). Use the same strategy to stun the ghostly Banshees and follow up with a head shot to take 'em out in expert fashion.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall, right? These tubby monsters are pretty slow moving, but they have got a long range vomit attack. This projectile can be dodged pretty easily as long as you stay mobile, but if you get backed into a corner you are not going to like the results. Use vampire jumps and drop dynamite sticks under these guys to blow 'em up. It'll take a couple of explosions followed by a volley of bullets, but these guys will eventually explode in a mess of flesh.

If you find yourself under pressure from one of these enemies, drop a bullet into them from a high-powered weapon (Carbine or Shotgun works well). They'll recoil in pain, stunned for a moment long enough to let you run around them.

Though simple-minded, Vipers are pretty dangerous because of their defense. Not only are Vipers difficult to kill, but they also teleport around your bullets, forcing you to take your shots methodically. As Vipers rush towards you, drop one bullet into their skull to force them to teleport away. When they reappear, they'll temporarily stall as they roar in anger. This gives you a chance to get a couple of shots off on their skulls without them teleporting away.

It only takes about three headshots from a powerful weapon to drop a Viper, so as long as your aim is good and you are quick to target you shouldn't get overrun by these enemies. Backpedal away from them as they charge you, and use your double jumps to shoot from above.

it is usually a good idea to have one weapon for quick, close combat and a second weapon geared more for long-range shooting. Different missions will require different weapons, but in general it is a good idea to have a Redeemer or a Shotgun for your close fighting and a Carbine or Range Rifle for sniping. Certain instances will necessitate the use of the Crossbow or Rail Rocket, but these should only be used quickly before being discarded in favor of a more versatile weapon set. Read Guns and Ammo for more details on each weapon to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Unlockables List

Wrong Train Animatic:
Complete The Wrong Train with 65% or more Accuracy

Enemies 1:
Complete Boneyard with 65% or more Accuracy

Enemies 2:
Complee Showdown with 20 or more Melee Kills

Complete Morning After with 70% or more Accuracy

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