ATV: Qaud Power Racing™

ATV Quad Power Racing 2 Developer: Climax Group
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Websites: Wikipedia
Game Rating: E (Everyone)
[Mild Lyrics, Mild Violence]
Release Date: 1/1/2003
$19.99 / $8.00: GameStop : Roseville: July 16, 2006
Players: 1 - 4
Dolby 5.1 Surround
Custom Soundtracks
NOTES: Playable on Xbox 360

First Encounter

Cheat: Get Everything
Unlock all maps, ATV's (including the ATC), and all challenge files. Type in your name as "GOLDRUSH" either when creating a new profile or after a race.

Unlock New ATVs
To unlock the Dimension and Viper ATVs, complete ATV Academy Training and Trick Training. To unlock the ATC ATV, win eight races in Arcade Mode.

Max Stats
Enter your profile name as GINGHAM.

Unlock All Challenges
Enter DOUBLEBARREL as your profile name.

All Riders
Name your profile BUBBA.

All Tracks
Enter ROADKILL as your profile name.

All Tricks
enter FIDDLERSELBOW as your profile name

All Vehicles
enter your profile name as GENERALLEE

Enter REDROOSTER as your profile name

Hint: Fast start
At the beginning of a race, pop a wheelie to get an early jump on the competition.

Hint: Forest Tracks
Hate the water on the Forest tracks? When you get to the jump that takes you through the long part of the river, just as you pass the barn on the right, get to the right bank and ride on the bank. The game will give you the "Return to Track" message as you get close to the logs on the bank close to where you normally would come out of the river. Don't worry about the game resetting you, just use your pre-load to "bunny-hop" over the logs and voila, you're back on the track! If you do this each lap you can shave about 15 seconds off of your previous lap times, not to mention smoking the computer AI. Note: Stay close to the water when you get on the bank or the game will reset you. If you go too far up the bank it takes too much time and you get reset. I found this out by riding around in the time trial mode, try it and see what shortcuts you can find.