Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim

Developer: Shiny Entertainment
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: June 22, 1984
Downtown Video / GV
Players: 1 - 2


Earthworm Jim is the first installment of the Earthworm Jim video game series. The game was developed by Shiny Entertainment in association with Playmates Toys. The main designer was Douglas TenNapel, who also voiced the eponymous character in the game.

Earthworm Jim was first released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis on August 2, 1994. The game was subsequently ported to Windows 95, the Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, and the Nintendo SNES, Game Boy, and years later, the Game Boy Advance.

Earthworm Jim is a "run and gun" platform video game, with some exceptions, starring an earthworm named Jim in a robotic suit who battles evil using his mutated worm head as a whip, his Plasma Blaster and Pocket Rocket. It became known for its Hitchhiker's-like bizarre absurdity, and its horror comedy.

The game was critically acclaimed upon its original release. To tie in with the game there was an introductory comic from Shiny, a comic book mini-series from Marvel, an artwork book, and the Playmates Toys toy-line. The most significant legacy of the game was perhaps the animated television series which lasted for two seasons.


Earthworm Jim was just an ordinary Earthworm engaging in normal worm activities, such as eating dirt, crawling, and fleeing from hungry birds, until one day wherein fate should happen to smile upon him and his life was changed forever. A fearsome bounty hunter named Psy-Crow was en route to deliver the "ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit" to Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, but got in a confrontation with another spaceship and lost the suit out of an airlock. The suit fell to earth, landing on a farm somewhere in the southern United States. While fleeing from a flock of hungry crows Jim took refuge in the mysterious suit. The suit's powerful atomic particles affected Jim's wormy flesh and caused him to grow and evolve at a fantastic rate. Upon discovering his new-found powers granted by the suit, he overhears Psy-Crow talking to Queen Slug-For-A-Butt, and becomes interested in meeting the queen's twin sister, Princess What's-Her-Name.


The gameplay of Earthworm Jim could be considered bizarre. Launching cows, using Jim's head as a whip, and other bizarre twists add to the insanity. The player controls Jim at all times of the game. In the level sections, Jim can run, use his gun, swing on hooks, and get powerups for the blaster. The in-between levels, called Andy Asteroids?, place Jim in a semi-3D race against the evil Psy-Crow. If Psy-Crow wins, then Jim must fight him in one-on-one combat in order to progress. Throughout the game were many added features, such as mini-bosses whose weaknesses Jim would need to find through trial and error. Crystal treadmills, underwater pod races, and other related things also appear.

Earthworm Jim Strategy


Max Worms: 9

Try pausing the game and putting in these letters Y, A, B, B, A, Y, A, B. You can see the Programming Director. I was told this halfway though the game and tried it out, and what happened? Just try it!

The Debug code

You must start level 1 "New Junk City." Then you want to pause the game. Then hold down Left on the D-pad, and press the A. Release and press B, X, A, A, B, X, A. This should put you in a screen with all the Shiny players. Press return and return again. You should now be in the Debug screen. You can have a cheat mode, and level select. There is also a way to pick where you want to start in the level. When I tried starting at the last level, I did not see the ending. So you might want to start at the Use your head level. I think it was called Helicopter in the cheater. Kind of cool, it gives you unlimited health and lives. Now you ALL should have no problem finishing this game.


New Junk City

New Junk City is a city or planet filled with with junk and trash, as its name implies. It is a parody of both pollution and New York City. It is where Billy the Bin, flocks of crows, and Chuck and Fifi reside. In the very beginning, you launch a cow, possibly the same one that lands on Princess What's-Her-Name at the end of the game.

Chuck is the owner and final boss of this world-wide junkyard. It is especially plentiful in worm-hungry crows, mountains of tires, Moose Heads, toilets, conveyor belts, tubas, trombones, televisions, gears, scrap metal, broken glass shards, wooden spikes, stones, chains, refrigerators, goldfish bowls, shrapnel, zip lines, faucets, cow bells, wooden crates and anvils.

Game Manual description

"Menacing crows, giant mutant garbage cans, the junkyard's owner Chuck and Fifi want to welcome Jim to the junkyard in their own special way - by trying to kill him. Bounce from tire to tire, or slide across zip lines to grab extra power ups. Watch out, compared to Fifi's bark, those bites are even worse!"

Earthworm Jim: New Junk City Seret Area #1If you look down when you first enter the level, you will see an extra 1-up right under you. Right after you launch that cow you will be standing on the edge of the rock ground. Further is the tires that you have to jump on. Kill the pesky crow. Then jump high into the air. Then start to helicopter down. Try to get as close to the rock level as you can without touching it. There is a space between the rock and the tires that you can fly through diagonally down to the left. With a little practice you can make it very quickly. If you hit a tire, try it again. You will end up on a rock level. Just walk across the chain. You will see the extra worm.

The primary foes in this level are crows and rabid junkyard dogs, and spikes littering the floor can cause major damage. The crows can be killed be a single whip, so save your ammo. When on the tires, you can jump higher by holding down the jump button. There are plenty of secret areas in this level.

Earthworm Jim: New Junk City Cow and RefridgeratorThe first obstacle you will need to overcome is a large bovine mass blocking your path. Whip the fridge, and it will catapult the cow into orbit.

There are many different short cuts in the first level. If you jump up from the beginning you will see a white toilet. That is a warp zone. To get there, all you need to do is ride the first rail device. This is just above the cow that was launched. You will see two wires. Ride the first rail device. Just before it falls, jump to the left, then right at the top of you jump, whip.Earthworm Jim: New Junk City Moose Head Hook You will see a moose head. You should be able to swing on the moose antler. This will put you on a chain wire you can cross. Just fallow the rail devices up and to the left. You will end up in Secret Area #2. Follow the path and you will reach the warp toilet. Jump on it.

Secret Area #2

Earthworm Jim: New Junk City Secret Area #2You will find about 7 mega plasma blasters, and an extra worm. After you warp, it might seem you are trapped in that room. Just walk through the wall to the left. Then clime up to get out. There you find the sub-boss. You can either walk behind the wall to your left, or you can swing on the hook to your right. If you choose to go right, you should see another warp toilet and an extra life above you. Stand right under the extra life and jump. You should be propelled up into Secret Area #2a, where there is yet another warp toilet. If you are playing the Special Edition, this will take you directly to the new addition to the level. If you choose to go left, you will end up in Secret Area #5.

Bypass Secret Area #2

Earthworm Jim: New Junk City Bypass Secret Area #2If you do not go to Secret #2, you should see a cow crossing sign like the one shown above. Climb up the wall to your right, and you will gain access to a hidden chain. Travel left across the chain to get to Secret Area #3, and collect the two mega plasma blasters.

Hold down B. You will be able to jump higher on the tires.

Earthworm Jim: New Junk City conveyor beltYou will soon come across a large conveyor belt. Climb up it, maneuvering around the hazards. Jumping while climbing will speed up your ascent. When you reach the top, head right, walk through the "continue" sign to activate it, and climb up the ledge. Above the doghouse is a hook; swing on it, jump and swing on yet another hook, and you will end up in Secret Area #4. Use the chain to get the mega blaster, then drop and get the ammo next to the conveyor.Earthworm Jim: New Junk City image 8

Earthworm Jim: New Junk City image 8Above the second continue will be another moose head, which you can use to swing onto the ledge to the left. Drop down into Secret Area #5. Swing across the series of hooks and chains to gain an extra life. If you do not go this route, you will encounter a completely horizontal zip line. To move across the line, simply shoot your blaster to the right.

This may be confusing but here is a way to get an extra guy. Right after you launch a cow, try riding the two rail devices down. When you are on the second wire, jump off in the circle of tires that have that plasma gun. The circle dips in two places. try jumping in the dip to the right. You will see a spinning star. This means the extra guy is now visible. Now, go to the wide moving belt that you must climb. There are objects that come down that try to stop you. When you get to the top look up. You should see a wire up to the left. This is how you get to that wire. Run to the right. You will see a level that you have to jump up to. Once up there jump back to the left and whip your body. There is a hook that is barely on the screen. You will be able to hook and swing across. There is another hook that you must swing on. Then you will be on the chain. Just get the extra worm.

Mini-Boss: Billy The Bin

Earthworm Jim: New Junk City: Mini-Boss: Billy The BinMini-Boss Billy the Bin is a hostile, anthropomorphic type of robot which consists of a trashcan for a body, tires for limbs, and a lamp for a head. Billy the Bin is the mini-boss of New Junk City, the first level of the original Earthworm Jim video game. Billy is the first mini-boss encountered in the game, guarding the path against Jim's advance to the ruler of New Junk City.

Billy the Bin has three different modes of attack. It can transform into a car-like form, driving around the screen attempting to run Jim over. Remotely, it can attack by stomping the ground, causing a mini-earthquake and raining tons of garbage down on where Jim is standing, potentially crushing him. It can also spew out junk items, such as anvils, with some speed, although they are easily deflected with the Plasma Blaster and quick reactions.

Earthworm Jim: New Junk City: Mini-Boss: Billy The BinBilly the Bin can normally only be harmed with the Mega Plasma, although it can be harmed by the ordinary Plasma Blaster when its "mouth" is open and exposed to fire out projectiles, or when it is dancing.

The trick to this guy is to shoot him and not let him hit you, or else his hit counter will reset and you will have to start over. When in his upright form, dodge the tubas that will fall whenever he stomps. When he is in his "tank" form, avoid the anvils he shoots at you, and jump over him carefully making sure you don't get too close, or else he will attack you instantly in mid-air. You can avoid him altogether (which is not a bad idea) by accessing Secret Area #2. Try killing Billy The Bin in the Difficult setting!


  • In some materials for older versions of the game, Billy the Bin had some additional names or monikers. These included "The Trashcan Monster" and "Bugle Boy" as well as Billy the Bin. In both the special edition and HD remake versions of the game, the boss is identified as Billy the Bin.
  • In the HD remake of the original game, killing Billy the Bin in single player mode will unlock the achievement / trophy "Bin Collector." There is also an online multiplayer-exclusive level named after him.
  • Before the game was cancelled in 2006, Billy the Bin was due to make a reappearance in Earthworm Jim PSP, as revealed in promotional footage to the cancelled game. Earthworm Jim would have revisited New Junk City, only to sucked underwater down a giant toilet, and would face a rebuilt, bigger, "spikier" and much more heavily armored Billy.

Right after Billy The Bin you must jump to a higher level. Kill the pesky crow then walk to the right a little. There a sparkly whirly thing will spin around you. It just means that some items have appeared behind you. Go back to find them if you need them. This will happen throughout the game. So make sure you investigate what has appeared. Look up and to your left, and you should see a hook. Swing on it, and you should reach Secret Area #6 and get full health.

Earthworm Jim: New Junk City: Boss: ChuckYour gun has no effect on Chuck, so attack him with the crates he drops by whipping them onto the spring when he is right above it, causing them to bounce into him. Dodge the fish he regurgitates and the tubas that are dropped from the crane. You can destroy the horns by shooting them. Keep attacking him with the crates until Chuck is defeated. Don't forget that before you defeat him, helicopter onto the spring, you will be propelled into the final Secret Area #8, which contains some health and more ammo.

If you are low on ammo or energy when Fighting the Boss Chuck. While he is NOT above the spring. Try holding B and jumping on the spring. See where that takes you. What is this?

With the Andy Asteroid levels. Just remember to get 50 fuel pods to get an extra can-o-worms (continue). When you do pick up those atomic accelerators, you will NOT get touched by those asteroids. So for a few seconds you are protected from getting hurt. And all this time I thought it was my quick reflexes!

If you do end up losing to Psycrow in the warp race you will have to fight him on level ground. Just remember you must shoot him first, then whip him. Repeat this tell he flies away.

New Junk City: Trivia
  • Tommy Tallarico's music for this level is also used for the music on the main game screen. The sequel had it's own music for its title screen.
  • The name of the level could be a pun on New York City, or the film New Jack City.
  • New Junk City is said to be Earthworm Jim's hometown according the manuals of the game. It is also implied that New Junk City is Jim's hometown in the comic book mini-series. It is also directly stated in the cartoon-like opening prologue of Earthworm Jim HD, which makes it clear that New Junk City is also where the super suit first fell from space, and Jim first got into it. (In the animated television series, Jim's hometown is said to be Terlawk.)
  • Before it was cancelled in 2006, Earthworm Jim PSP was going to feature New Junk City again, as seen in the promotional material. It would also have have included a rebuilt and much more intimidating Billy the Bin.

Andy Asteroids? is a recurring bonus stage in the original Earthworm Jim video game. It has also been referred to as the Asteroid Race, Banjo Race, or Psy-Crow Race.

Andy Asteroids? takes place between levels, so it played several times through the game, with different iterations in each race.

Game Manual description

"Ready for a wild ride through space? Well hold onto your seat, because between each level, Psy-Crow is right on your tail. Dodge the asteroids and try knocking Psy-Crow off his rocket backpack to help you get to the finish line alive. Grab the Atomic Accelerators along the way to leave Psy-Crow in the wake of your heavy ions. Of course, if you're traveling that fast, you'll want to stock up on Asteroid Shields... unless you're an expert pilot."

Asteroid race

Earthworm Jim: Bonus Stage: Andy AstroidsAndy Asteroids? takes place at the end of every main level, as Earthworm Jim flies down a warp tunnel through outer space on his Pocket Rocket to the next planet and/or level. Each variation of Andy Asteroids? gets more difficult and more filled with obstructions in each iteration.

In Andy Asteroids?, Jim races to the destination against Psy-Crow, who is flying through the warp tunnel on his rocket backpack. A gauge on the left shows the positions of Jim and Psy-Crow in the race. The warp tunnel is filled with obstructions, namely the asteroids of the title.

Crashing into an asteroid won't harm Jim or damage his Pocket Rocket, at least initially, although it will slow him down considerably, and likely give Psy-Crow the lead in the race. However, repeated asteroid collisions, around a dozen or so, will cause the Pocket Rocket to explode and cost Jim a life, and the race will start again. Psy-Crow may deliberately try to knock Jim into the asteroids, although Jim can do the same to Psy-Crow, slowing him down instead.

Power-ups and collectibles
Jim catching up to Psy-Crow (Earthworm Jim HD) Collecting the blue balls, Fuel Pods, in the warp tunnel will earn Jim a bonus at the end of the race. Collecting a large number will gain Jim an extra life, and collecting them all - 50 in total - will gain Jim a continue.

There are also a couple of power-ups for the Pocket Rocket. The Asteroid Shield will enable more efficient ramming of Psy-Crow, and allow the Pocket Rocket to smash through asteroids safely without losing any ground in the race. The Atomic Accelerator will give the Pocket Rocket a sudden burst of speed. Whilst this can help Jim win the race, the increased speed also makes it more likely that Jim will crash into the asteroids. Be aware that Psy-Crow can also make use of the Atomic Accelerators, also becoming insanely fast.

Jim's victory dance upon winning the race If Jim wins the race, he does a little victory dance on his Pocket Rocket, flying across the screen and lassoing his worm head around above his Super Suit, and will then begin the next level.

If Jim loses the race, Psy-Crow beats Jim to the destination and Jim will be forced to fight Psy-Crow in the level of the same name before proceeding in the game.


Psy-Crow is a small, potentially recurring level in the original Earthworm Jim video game.

Earthworm Jim only has to play this level if he loses the race with Psy-Crow in one of the recurring Andy Asteroids? in-between levels. Psy-Crow flies around Jim on a barren planetoid, attempting to remove Jim from his Super Suit with his hook gun. On higher difficulties, this level can be quite challenging.

It is not possible to defeat Psy-Crow entirely. However, once the enemy has taken enough punishment, either from Jim using his worm head as a whip or by shooting at Psy-Crow with the Plasma Blaster, Psy-Crow will flee, leaving Jim to proceed to the next level.

Since the Plasma Blaster's only real effect on Psy-Crow is to stun him, whipping Psy-Crow with Jim's worm head is the most effective option, causing the most damage. However, shoot at Psy-Crow first, when he isn't too high, to stun him. This will stop him from flying around for a time, enabling easier worm-whippings, and also preventing Psy-Crow's counter-attacks when he is stunned and flapping his feathers.

What the Heck?
Game manual description

"Welcome to the planet Heck. As Evil the Cat dances, Jim wanders through a devilishly tricky maze. Step quickly it can get a little for Jim, even in his indestructible suit. For an uplifting experience, take a jog on a gem, but don't let Jim get a hot foot! There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight, for sure!"


Earthworm Jim - What The Heck? 1In "What the Heck?," Jim must navigate his way through the strange planet of Heck, and find his way to Evil the Cat. This level is a hell-type place, with various fire traps, pulley-activated gates, green teleportation crystals, lawyers, searing flames, ultra-sharp spikes, Shadow Demons, Rusty the Snowman, and elevator music. There are lots of twists & turns in this level, so it is easy to get lost.

Earthworm Jim - What The Heck? 2When crossing chains, watch out for the flames that will travel across them, and don't tread on the small volcano-like holes, as they will send a string of flames that will come after you.

When Jim makes it to Evil the Cat, Evil actually manages to take away the Super Suit. Jim must reclaim the Super Suit to fight Evil head-on, and then take Evil's nine lives.

Earthworm Jim - What The Heck? 2When you reach the top of the hill with the full heath power-up, you can take a short-cut by jumping and helicoptering to the left. You should eventually land on a small ledge which will take you further in the level.

Earthworm Jim - What The Heck? The Green Rolling GemThe Green Rolling Gem: If its rolling that you must run on top the opposite direction. This should make the gem rise or either warp you. If it is rotating back and forth. That means jump on it and let it take you up. You might have to jump back and forth because of the flames.

The first extra worm comes up as you are walking the first emerald gem up. You might of seen it as you where walking by it earlier. Just jump toward the extra guy. There will be a fake wall for you, so just jump to get the 1-up. Then quickly jump down on the gem and proceed on with the level.

To kill a Lawyer, whip him then quickly shoot him. He should blowup and a mega plasma shot and energy should remain.

Earthworm Jim - What The Heck? 5Just after defeating the snowman and warping on the emerald, walk to the right to the wall. Do not worry about the spikes. Jump up and look to the left. There you will see a hook. Before the next lawyer and Snowman Boss, you will see a hook that does not seem to have a destination at first. Swing on it and you will see yet another hook, so quickly jump and swing onto that one. Open the gate and jump on the ledge above it. Another swirl of light will occur, so collect the Mega Plasma Blaster ammo that has appeared. When approaching the next gate and lawyer, there will be yet another swirl of light, so backtrack and collect the extra life that has appeared.

Earthworm Jim - What The Heck? 6Oh, there is a way to avoid fighting the Snowman sub-boss. After fighting the first Lawyer, you will have to open the gate to get to the warp gem to the snowman. Don't open the gate. Stand in front of the wheel that opens the gate. Turn to the right, and duck. Then whip and hold down the Whip button. You will be in the same place you would of if you had defeated the Snowman. On that same hook that you where one. Swing on it again to the right. You will find the above extra worm.

If you don't want to have the falling Stalactites, then don't pick up that 100% energy refiller. That triggers the stalactites to fall.

Next extra worm is easy to get. You might of seen it as you are riding those two emeralds up. The extra guy is to the left. All you have to do is to jump from the ledge over the spikes and toward the extra worm. Then ride the gems up again. When you get to the first black apparitions with fierce incisors. Kill them and jump down to the left. There is a continue marker right under you. If you do die, just go back and get that extra worm again.

Earthworm Jim - What The Heck? Boss Evil The CatThere are two stages to defeating Evil. In the first, your suit has been captured and you must find a way to get it back. Jump over the fireballs and rocks he shoots at you, until the support post holding him up collapses. He will run away, so use this opportunity to jump back into your suit.

This next part is a test of reflexes- Evil will jump out at you from the dark and will viciously attack you if you do not shoot him in time. Watch for his eyes (see inset) and shoot at them the instant you see them. Beware of the fireballs that shoot across the floor after each life. You have to defeat each of Evil's nine lives in order to beat the level.

Earthworm Jim - What The Heck? Boss Evil The CatQuick tip about the boss: When you are just Jimmy the worm. Stand as close to the wall to the right as you can. There just jump straight up when flames come. Wait for the wall to melt away. Then jump into the super powered suit. When finishing off that evil cat look at the center of the screen. You will see Evil the Cat faster, faster to react and shoot him and his nine lives. Jump toward the first flame. If they come at the same time, jump straight up. NOTE: If you don't want to jump over the flames when Heck the Cat is shooting the flames. Just walk as far as you can to the left and duck. You will not get hit until the end. You will get hit once, but it beats having to jump, right?

Down the Tubes

Down the Tubes (also referred to as The Sea Tunnels) is the fifth level of the original Earthworm Jim video game.

Down the Tubes takes place in and around an underwater base on the aquatic planet of La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!), the lair of Bob the Killer Goldfish.

Game Manual description

"Bob the Killer Goldfish knows that EWJ's Super Suit could make him ruler of the world. Maybe even the Universe! Controlling the drone cat minions in his underwater lair, Bob uses his servants to find Jim wherever he hides, high or low. Don't let the size of Bob's kitten guards fool you - they're just as powerful as the cats! Hamsters galore!

Inside the base, Jim runs through the tubes, avoiding the kitten guards and the large, muscular mutant cats (including the most notable Number Four). The only way to defeat the cats is with the Hamster. There is also hostile floating puffer-fish in the service of Bob.

Outside the base, Jim climbs into one of the submarines and navigates it through very narrow rock passages, attempting to avoid cracking the dome too much, and all the while trying to find a few extra breaths of oxygen at various air-pumps. However, the submarine treks in Down the Tubes are relatively short, with this section taking place mostly inside the base. The second section which takes you to Bob himself is Tube Race.


In the Special Edition of the game, Down the Tubes has a hidden spot that when touched has a secret alternate Andy Asteroids? level with no asteroids in and no Psy-Crow - just Atomic Accelerators, Asteroid Shields, and Fuel Pods, that takes you straight to Snot a Problem without having to go through Tube Race, the second half of the Down the Tubes. If this route is taken, the player will not have to go through the more difficult section, but will not face off against Bob the Killer Goldfish.

There is a nice little bug/glitch at the beginning of the level. You MUST start pressing B before the level starts (at the title screen for the level), you also need to be pushing to the right before the level actually starts. If it works then you should be moving to the right, not down the tube. Keep Helicoptering until you either enter the pod or a tube. It will cut you game time by a couple minutes (wow!:) NOTE: You must die in that level without continuing for this bug to work.

Earthworm Jim - Down The Tubes 1In this underwater level, you must navagate your way through various heinous obstacles in order to get to the lair of Bob, a goldfish with plans to take over the world using the suit. Watch out for Bob's evil cat henchmen, who can pack a mean punch. fortunately, there are a few hamsters who will gladly lend you a hand. Be careful not to run out of air or to smash your fragile glass submersible — worms don't swim. Try to avoid #4 as much as possible. If he gets a hold of you, his punch can cause major damage. You can normally just jump over him, but when you are confronted in a tube, jump to grab onto the handle and press up to get your butt out of the way. Jump down after he passes.

Earthworm Jim - Down The Tubes 2You will soon get to a room with three rings. Swing on the first to get to the platform on the right, and then swing on the second to get to the upper left platform. Finally, carefully swing on the final ring to get through the tube on the roof. You will soon reach a large switch. Whipping the switch will release the hamster from his cage. Jump on his back to make him run, and press the fire button right before you run into a kitten guard to eat him, or else they will beat you up and throw you off your hamster. The hamster will run back to its cage if this happens. At the far left of the submersible room, a swirl of light will appear. Backtrack to collect the extra plasma blaster ammuntion.

In this next part, you must navagate through the twisty underwater paths in your fragile glass sub, while at the same time making sure not to run out of air (note the timer in the corner), or to damage your sub too badly.

Jump under the sub to enter it. Once you do so, it will leave its docking station and the air timer will start. Steering is done with the arrow keys and the throttle with the jump/whip/fire keys. Air stations, like the one below, will replenish your air supply. Connect with them as shown. It is best to use the throttle in short bursts, as this will give your sub a good steady speed, perfect for making your way through the jagged pathways.

OK, YES there IS a hidden airpump in the 99sec pod race. This is going to be a bit of an explanation on getting there. OK, if you are having problems with this level. The hidden airpump is about 60 seconds into your run (30 seconds left). Now as you are driving that pod you pass guard rails. Those criss crossing bars that are really part of the background. They will not touch you. You will pass through 5 sets of these. If you reach the 5th one, you have gone too far. Its halfway between the 4th and 5th set. There is a section that goes straight down. Right at the bottom there will be two circular lights right next to each other on the left side. That is where the secret air pump is.

There is a sharp turn to the right. You see you have hit the bottom of the level. You can go no further down. Just fly through the two lights. Then you time will be reset to 80.

After the second race of the time pod run. You will end up in a room where the only way out is through one of the little orange tough guys. You can kill the Orange tough guys with a Mega blaster. BUT! Let him pound you into the ground a couple times. Where he throws you is where the hidden secret is. Jump straight up. There you will be sucked up a hidden tube. To the left is an extra guy. Then fallow the tube up the end of that round.

Earthworm Jim - Down The Tubes 3Tube Race: When you are running along the tube race level and you are low on energy. There is a secret room JUST above the Hamster. It will refresh you 100%.

Like I posted before, if you are having trouble with the 99second pod race. Try turning on the slow-mo switch on your controller. It might make things a bit easier. If you want to finish it the right way. Keep your cool, don't hold down the Thrust button. Have it on-off-on-off. Once you get to the part with the lights your almost there.

After the 99second pod race. There is a last part of this level with three rooms. The second room is larger than the 1st and the 3rd. Jump in the middle of the second room. There you will find some hidden specials. Mostly more ammo. Now its time to fight a very tough looking goldfish (Bob). He might be hard to kill at first, but he is actually very easy to kill. Try doing a spiral twisting double ninja whoop upside the gill kick to the bowl. Works every time!

There are two extra worms that you may find along the third pod run (99sec). If you pass a place where there is a small crack in the wall. Its not even big enough for EWJ, but there is a section where there is a fake wall. It is on the left side, just after the inlet that has a mega blaster. There is a crack in the wall, not big enough for EWJ. The fake wall is above the crack. You might see a bit of the tube if you are close to the wall. Quickly go through the fake wall to get the 1-up.

The other extra worm is VERY close to the beginning of the level. They are on the other side of the first guard rails (bars that criss-cross between the two walls that). They are on the start of a curve around a turn. On the other side of the curve you might see a room. Go straight left to enter that room.

Snot a Problem

Snot a Problem is the sixth level in the original Earthworm Jim video game (or another number in the levels, given the port or version).

"Snot a Problem" pits Jim against Major Mucus in a bungee jumping battle in a canyon with a river of snot at the bottom.

Game Manual description

"Bungee jumping is scary enough without Major Mucus trying to bash you into the walls, but that's exactly his plan. As Jim's bungee cord gets thinner and thinner, his life hangs on by few measly rope threads! But that's not all. Mucus Phlegm Brain is counting on you to get too close to the pool of snot, or fall in; he's waiting for lunch!"

The bungee battle lasts for three rounds, each of which is harder than the last.

If Jim's rope breaks, he will fall and die. Jim must avoid the attacks of Major Mucus and bash him into the canyon wall instead, until the Major's snot bungee cord breaks first and he falls, to win each round. However, the Major's snot rope will get tougher and harder to break with each round.

During the second and third rounds, the Mucus Phlegm Brain monster that appears in the river at the bottom will try to bite Jim in half if he gets too close, Super Suit, rope and all, giving him another hazard to avoid.

ONLY HIT MAJOR MUCUS ON THE RIGHT HAND WALL! That is the easy way to make him fall. Here is the rhythm. Go down on the left hand side. THEN halfway down or before you stop at the bottom. Move over to the right hand side. When you have stopped for a second at the bottom. You can tap EWJ as close to the wall as you can. This means EWJ is behind the protruding rocks. It might not matter, but you want to be close to the wall. Then when you are slung upward. Major Mucus will fallow RIGHT behind you. As close to the wall is, he will be the same. Perfect for bashing. Just as he is about to catch up to you. Move to the left 1/2 body length. This will make him hit the wall. Then on your way down, bash Mucus into the wall as many times as you can. Remember you must be at the left hand side by halfway down. So you can repeat the process.

Level 5

Game Manual description

"The Professor would love to have Earthworm Jim on the dissection table, but that darn Super Suit keeps him safe. The Professor wants that Suit back - after all, he designed it for the Queen. Of course, he could make another one - if that darn monkey hadn't eaten the blueprints. That's another can of worms entirely. You'd better keep an eye out for the Professor's creepy science experiments - they're everywhere. Careful when the lights go out! Remember when you were afraid of the dark? Relive the horror (if you can find it) and find your way out!"

Level 5 is the gigantic space laboratory run by the evil genius Professor Monkey-For-A-Head. In the background a prominent and gigantic observation telescope, or perhaps a giant ray gun, is pointed into outer space.

The Professor is the creator of Earthworm Jim's Super Suit and this is where the Suit was built, and the Professor wants it back, but not before getting Jim onto the dissection table. The Professor turns up a few times in the level, although he is invincible, and only appears to cause a nuisance to Jim, such as releasing his failed experiment things from their containment units and then fleeing. The Professor is also seen hanging from zip-wires by his simian upper-half, using his human body to throw bottles of acid down at Jim from afar, before again fleeing.

Level 5 includes a segments where Jim is separated from his Super Suit, and his wormy body needs to reclaim it, following it on conveyor belts and making some interesting uses of the fans for extra bursts of speed. The level features many hazards such as mutants, live Tesla coils, and cages which can trap Jim and bombard him with the hostile mutants. Both the mini-boss and the final boss of this level is the Robotic Chicken.

If you are having trouble getting up the section that should have stairs. You try to walk up it and you just slip and slide right down. Try jumping onto those energy charger thing-a-ma-jiggy (Objects that shoot energy from one metal ball to another vertically). If you keep going right, you should find a target. Whip that bullseye (ping). Now you will find that stairs have popped up. Because of all that work you did. You don't even need to walk up them. They will do all the work.

The metal cage: There is a sequence that the cytoplasm creatures come. With the first group you must remember. The way the cyto creatures may come:

2        3
    1                4

First batch 3-1-2-1-2-3-1-2-3

Second batch 1-2-4-3-1-2-4-3-1-2-4-3-1-2-4-3 (see the pattern?)

There is a secret level within 'Level 5'. Its a level that is totally dark. The way to get there is through a warp. It is located right after that sequence with Professor Monkey-for-a-head tries to turn those blue wheels. If he open up those spheres, he let those eye creatures out. So shoot him before he has a chance to. You will have to hit him on 3 different occasions. Once you get to the top (on the left), you will be standing under two sets of 5 red dots lined vertically. In the center is one BIG red dot. Jump in and warp to the hidden level.

Hidden level: Who Turned Out the Lights? Room one: Try to make it up to the top of this room. From the door Jump to the light above you. From there jump to the left and make your way to the top of the screen. You should be able to walk straight across the screen. Fall down on the extra worm. Then walk through the exit.

Room two: Jump from light to light. You might say each light is a platform. So you might want to jump for the edge of the light if you want to climb up.

Room three: To get to the extra worm. Jump over the exit. Walk to the right and see how far you can go. Jump high and to the right. You should fall down two levels. If not move to the left a little and repeat. If you do it right, just walk to the left and pick up the 1-up.

Room Four: Remember what sparkles? Hooks right?

Room five: Remember to kill all the little roaming eyes. You may come to some eyes that you cant kill. Run! Right when you see them big eyes run to the left as fast as you can. There will be a point where you cant run any further. In that case turn around and start running to the right. This will have given you enough room to JUMP over those big eyes. Then continue running to the right. You just *might* make it.

You will encounter Professor Monkey-for-a-head three more times. He will be running along a wire. QUICKLY jump onto the horizontal wire that you can use your arms to walk across. Then just fire. The way to make him go away is by hitting him in the back.

You will come across a RED wheel. Try whipping it and see what you get. I just got 2 extra guys. Sometimes energy comes out, sometimes ammo. Little green blobs also come out. When that happens, this means there are no more goodies for you to get.

To Kill the Robot Chicken. Use the whip and hit the red target on the top of the screen in the center. Make sure when you do that, the chicken is in the middle. A cytoplasm creature will fall out. Make sure it touches the Robot Chicken. I believe you have to hit him 6 times.

While you are falling. You are going to have to shoot the chicken. One shot will do. What will happen is the chicken will split into pieces and come back together. If you look behind the chicken you might catch a glimpse of a bomb in the background. If you shoot the chicken again, he will stay in one place and get hit by the bomb blast. So start in the middle of the screen and shoot the chicken. Then move down a fraction and shoot again. Repeat this until you can no longer go down. Then do a half circle above the chicken and repeat the process. When you see those broken eggs this means he is about the die. ↑↑

Level 6: For Pete's Sake!

This level is very straight forward. There is not a lot you can look for secret wise. There is an extra guy, but you probably have someone to look after that is more important. That Pete can get pretty angry if he falls. You can stop him by shooting him. This will give you needed time. Shoot all UFO's. When you come across those asteroids. I suggest standing there and just blasting them until they go away. When you come across those tentacle creatures that grab Pete. It might be better if you let them grab Pete. Saves you some time, and it also might save a life. You don't loose that much when Pete gets angry.

When you come across these objects:


Land on the top end and the smaller end will go up. This might launch Pete into the abyss. You want to make sure that if you whip Pete onto one of those contraptions. You want to jump in the CENTER. this will not launch Pete. Then quickly whip Pete again to level ground.

To get to the Advanced level of 'for Pete's Sake', just whip him over his home. Is it really that Advanced? Difficult? Hard? Impossible? YES!!!

There is no way I can really HELP you on this level without maps, diagrams, charts, graphs, and Quicklime movies. You are just going to have to keep working at it. Little Pete just has to get home!↑↑

Level 7: Use your head!

'Use your head' may be a very tricky level. Why? Well the walls are rather pointy. The space does get quite cramped. There are two paths that you may take. I suggest going to the left. You will get an extra guy, and some blasters. Stay to the left, and you should be able to land on solid ground. There is another extra guy after you land.↑↑

Level 8

(The last level) OK, you made it this far. You can do it! You can actually finish EWJ! This level is not that difficult. You just have to take it S-L-O-W!

You will come across some creatures that are really quite dangerous. They start as little eyes in the wall. Then as you get near the pop out with 2 big choppers. If you are in his way, you get chopped in half. There is timing involved here as well. He will go away. Why wait though? Why not whip 'em? They will explode into lots-a-little green pieces. This will make it easier for you later on in this level if you remember you can kill these guys.

You will have to do the dreaded whip the hook, in mid-air turn around and whip back the way you came. You must climb up a ladder of hooks to get to an upper level. It may be hard at first, but you will get use to it. Try practicing in the first set of hooks. The second set, you will be bothered by some nasty bugs. When you are attacked by bugs, don't worry about them. You are more concerned with getting up.

You will end up on the back of The Evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug for a butt. Thankfully there is a continue marker there. Now comes the part where you must whip those choppers that come out of the wall. But this time you must also worry about slipping off those balls that you are standing on. Just make little jumps. Then when those chopper creatures come out. Whip them. Then move to the other ball. You will come to a point where you must make a leap of faith to the right. Do it! You will land on a moving belt of rocks. Look up and you will see one UGLY butt!

How to get past the Queens butt... If you just stand there you will end up in the spikes. So this is the rhythm that you must get into to destroy that nasty butt. Start all the way to the right. The stand there firing up. You will hit the butt a couple times. When just past the butt, quickly jump all the way to the right again. Repeat the process. Soon there will be spikes that will come as one of the platforms. Just jump over those spikes. The platforms will also start moving faster. Don't worry. If you use my technique. You should kill the butt in no time.

You will see another spiraling stars. Walk back the way you came and pick up 4 of those plasma blasters that just appeared. Don't worry about the green spittle that falls from the ceiling. It will not hurt you.

You should have at least 2000 shots. That would be enough to kill the Queen. Here is what you do. You will spin counter clockwise. If you don't shoot the queen, she will summon creatures that will kill you instantly. You must shoot the queen at 12 o'clock, 9 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 3 o'clock. Shoot in VERY SHORT BURSTS. 3 shots at the most will do. You just need to keep the queen off guard. This will not allow here to summon those creatures. Just keep that up, and you will beat that queen. You have now won the game!!!!↑↑

Boss: Bob the Killer Goldfish

Earthworm Jim: Down The Tubes: Boss: Bob The Killer GoldfishBob the Killer Goldfish is featured as a boss in all three of the console games. Bob, being just a goldfish, rides around in a small glass bowl and gets his feline minions, particularly Number Four, to do all the work for him. In the cartoon series, his home planet is La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!) and he wants Earthworm Jim's Super Suit so that he can have legs, as well as "a nice, big, juicy worm soup to eat."

Bob himself doesn't put up much of a fight. In Earthworm Jim, Jim simply knocks his bowl off a table and leaves him to flop around on the floor as Jim exits the level. In Earthworm Jim 2, in a parody of video game boss encounters, Bob is introduced with much drama in what appears to be a pre-boss-battle cutscene (including a Mortal Kombat-style "Fight!" message), only to have Jim suddenly pluck him from his bowl and eat him. In Earthworm Jim 3D, Bob and Number Four appear in a boss fight at the end of the fourth world, which has a cowboy theme. This boss fight involves retrieving Jim's marbles and stealing them from Bob. It is often agreed amongst fans that this is the easiest boss battle in the game, just like the Bob the Goldfish fights in previous games (although in Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy he's more serious).

In the first game, Number Four and several other cat guards wander Bob's stage, and will clobber Jim senseless if they get a hold of him.

In the television series, Bob has a deep southern drawl. Bob also focuses his attention on universal conquest and spends much of his time attempting to convince the fish of La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!) to embark on a destructive rampage, usually to no avail. On several occasions, Bob has attempted to take over the universe without help, and at one point did succeed in conquering Earth by hyper-evolving himself into another life-form. However, his evolutionary accelerator soon returned him to his original fish form (as fish turned out to be, in Bob's words, "the highest form of life"), and he was forced to attempt a retreat. Bob's dialogue, especially when attempting to inspire his fellow fish to "[Go forth and] Destroy! Destroy! DESTROY!", is often backed by slow instrumental gospel music, and his bombastic voice and Southern accent make him sound much like a televangelist.

  • In the cartoon, Bob is voiced by Jim Cummings, who also voices Psy-Crow.
  • The voice Cummings uses for Bob is similar to the one he uses for Fuzzy Lumpkins from The Powerpuff Girls.

In the universe of Earthworm Jim, cows are found on many different planets, and some breeds of cows are semi-sentient. Earthworm Jim has saved them many times, and the cows revere him as a god, "Brahman Brahma", since Jim can never say no to a bovine in need.[1] Sadly, nobody else in the Earthworm Jim universe seems to treat cows with the same respect as Jim.

Recurring characters in the Earthworm Jim franchise, cows appear in every video game, and predominantly in the artwork to the games. Cows also appear in the comic book mini-series, and in the animated television series. In the latter two, they feature less prominently than in the games. One cow does land on Princess What's-Her-Name at the end of the pilot episode, just like in the end of the first game. In the animated television series, a cow always lands on a character right at the end of every episode, usually Jim.

In the original Earthworm Jim video game and the HD remake, there are many signposts warning of cattle traffic found throughout the game.

In the early part of the first level, New Junk City, Earthworm Jim is forced to launch a cow into the stratosphere in order to progress forward. The trap, set up by Chuck, involves a lever system and a precariously hanging refrigerator. This brings up a screen saying "cow launched", and in the Xbox 360 version, unlocks the "Snot a Problem" achievement. This same unfortunate cow is subsequently seen flying by the screen, or flying by in the background, in various later stages. After defeating Queen Slug-for-a-Butt on Insectika in the final level, Jim rescues Princess What's-Her-Name which starts the end sequence. However, the cow from the beginning of the game lands on the princess. Although the cow is unharmed, and it continues to moo through the credits, the princess is squished. After the credits have rolled, Jim sheepishly takes her crown before slinking off/

Cows also feature predominately in Earthworm Jim 2. Two cows appear at the end of every level; the one on the left smiles a beaming grin, whilst the one on the right speaks, saying "well done." In some ports of the game, different inter-level screens could be seen, such as these two cows surfing.

One Earthworm Jim 2 level, Udderly Abducted, features dozens of cows. Jim has to save them from alien abduction, and take them to various milking shacks where their milk will raise a pulley system, allowing level progression. A large number of massive, insane-looking mutated cows with name tags are seen in the background of the abattoir of Totally Forked, a secret level later in the game.

Earthworm Jim gains some cow allies including Sergeant Moo-silinni, leader of a cow army, and The Sacred Cow of Contemplation, in Earthworm Jim 3D.


Earthworm Jim - CrowsCrows are the first enemy encountered Earthworm Jim encounters in the original Earthworm Jim video game.

Crows are the most common type of enemy in New Junk City, the first level of the game, the other being Fifis.

These crows are the enlarged, ravenous carrion scavengers of the planet-wide junkyard. Crows can happily smell Jim's tasty worm flesh, and will often hunt him in packs.

They will dive-bomb at Jim, and if they get hold of him, will get hold onto his worm head with their sharp beaks and begin shaking him. Although they are not actually able to pull Jim out of his Super Suit, these attacks can still do some serious harm to Jim, and are especially annoying when he is bouncing on tires or climbing a conveyor belt.

Jim once spent his early years hiding from hungry crows, but now he can fight back. They take around nine direct hits from the Plasma Blaster to kill, but only one direct whip from Jim's worm head will also do the job. When killed, they will screech and their beak goes flying as well as black feathers.

  • Crows are the primary enemies in this level because the criminal Psy-Crow ordered them to find and attack Jim.
  • Crows can often be seen feeding off of trash in harsh times.
Evil the Cat

Evil the Cat is the manifestation of evil. He rules over the volcanic Planet Heck (residing elsewhere only for the hottest months). Molding Heck to his own vision of evil perfection, the planet is covered with spiked walls and precariously placed cliffs and ridges. The planet is also full of fiery pits and drops, which Evil has filled with all things evil he's found across the universe, ranging from Shadow Demons and rabid Lawyers to elevator music. Evil wants to claim Jim's Super Suit as his own, to further conquer the galaxy and paint it more infernal.

Over the course of the cartoon series, which makes up its own particular canon, Evil concentrates more on destroying the universe rather than obtaining Jim's suit (even though one episode began with Evil stealing Jim's suit in an attempt to destroy him). He has been continuously thwarted by such forces as origami, the Department of Apocalyptic Affairs, and even the cartoon's budget running out. "A minor setback" is Evil's usual response to his misfortunes. He is frequently assisted, but more often annoyed, by his aide Henchrat.

In spite of his status as a purely evil villain, Evil occasionally shows the behavior of a real cat, such as licking himself or playing with a ball of yarn when he's bored. In Earthworm Jim, he will actually stop to groom himself a bit in between shots of his huge fireball gun.

As befitting of his status as a ruler of a hellish world, Evil is affiliated with fire. In the first game, he attacks Jim by shooting fireballs at him from an enormous flamethrower, which cause fiery shockwaves. After said shockwaves erode the base of the platform he is standing on, causing it to collapse, he resorts to pouncing on Jim while wreathed in darkness. Those attacks are also accompanied by fiery shockwaves from the left and right. He "dies" in one shot, but must be "killed" nine times to be defeated for good - a reference to the popular saying that "cats have nine lives."

According to the instruction manual for Earthworm Jim 2, Evil has a cousin named Flagitious, who runs "The Circus of the Scars." During Heck's summer off-season, Evil switches jobs with Flagitious and runs the circus himself.

In the animated series, Evil will try to disguise himself to try to get close to Earthworm Jim, and will often interject "Did I mention, I'm not a cat?" He is voiced by Edward Hibbert.

In "Evil in Love," an episode of the animated series, Evil the Cat fell in love with a fellow villain named Malice The Dog. However, she abandoned him at the end of the episode to star in her own television series.


Fifi is a hostile character encountered by Earthworm Jim in New Junk City, the first level of the original video game. The game manuals describe Fifi as the rabid female pet poodle-bulldog of the owner of the giant junkyard, Chuck, who is also the boss at the end of the level. Fifi is described as a "psychotic, four-legged chainsaw with a rusty chain."

However, a dozen different Fifis are actually encountered and fought by Earthworm Jim throughout the level, so it is possible that they are all part of the same rabid litter. Fifis are actually the second most common type of enemy in the level, the most common being Crows.

Fifi will attack by running straight at Jim, pulling him down off wires and ledges, or jumping up and biting and mauling his super suit. Helpfully, Fifi will hemorrhage atom balls when taking damage. When killed, Fifi will whimper and explode, causing eyeballs and bones to fly everywhere.

  • Chuck and Fifi were apparently defeated for good in the game, since neither one appears in the sequels unlike other villains in the game, nor do they appear in the animated television series or the toy line.
Moose Head

Earthworm Jim: New Junk City: MooseHead SwingThe Moose Head is a world object featured in New Junk City, the first level of the original Earthworm Jim video game.

Unlike the most of the dangerous junk in the level, the Moose Heads do not hurt Earthworm Jim, and in fact are quite helpful. Jim can use his wormy head as a bullwhip on the antlers, swinging himself and his super suit out or danger, or up to higher levels containing power ups.

In the HD remake of the game, swinging on the Moose Head will gain an achievement / trophy, "Canadian Stunt."

  • Jim evidently took one, since a Moose Head ornament can be seen on the wall in Jim's hideout in Terlawk in the animated television series.

Earthworm Jim: What The Heck?: LawyersLawyers (also called Bankers in Earthworm Jim HD) appear as hostile enemies in "What the Heck?", the third level of the original Earthworm Jim video game.

The lawyers, or bankers, are one of the few beings encountered by Earthworm Jim on the planet Heck. Alongside Shadow Demons, the lawyers are among the minions of the ruler of Heck, Evil the Cat. The lawyers have black hair, slightly elongated noses, and and wear grey / yellow suits. Their primary weapon is their briefcases, which appear to be filled with papers.

There are only a couple of lawyers, but the few that appear will be seen pacing back and forth in between areas with two gates, forcing Jim to kill them quickly. If Jim tries to jump over them, they will parry him with their briefcases and papers, somehow damaging his Super Suit, and if Jim tries to shoot them with his Plasma Blaster, they will block his shots with their briefcases as well. If they manage to corner Jim, they will whack at him with their briefcases until he finds a way around him.

In order to successfully defeat the lawyers, Jim must quickly whip them to knock their briefcases out of their hands and then shoot them, causing them to die in an explosion of plasma with papers flying everywhere.

  • They are one of few human characters in the video game series.
  • You are required to kill them in order to pass some gates, whereas some just have a lever.
  • They shout "I'll sue!" when you kill them.
Major Mucus

Earthworm Jim: Snot A Problem: Major MucusNumber Four is the primary large feline minion of Bob the Killer Goldfish. He appears to have no will of his own, simply doing what Bob requires. He is granted the right to carry Bob on his shoulders, a prestigious honor. Number Four is often seen operating the control panels in Bob's Warfish starship, and essentially carrying out any task that Bob, in his limited capacity, cannot.

It is revealed in both the games and the animated series that there had been previous minions similar to Number Four (Numbers One, Two, and Three, although Bob neglects to give any information other than that they have suffered a "rather painful" fate), and that there are feline minions above him as well (Numbers Five, Six, and Seven). They all appeared in one episode of the animated series, where Number Seven joined Numbers One, Two, and Three in Kitty Heaven ("Where the milk flows like waterfalls, and the mice are slow.") after placing an atomic missile into an oven. Ironically, the cats of Kitty Heaven are utterly bored since the slow mice offer no sport.

Number Four appears as an enemy in both Earthworm Jim and Earthworm Jim 2. In the first game, he paces back and forth through the corridors of Bob's underwater base on La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!) in Down the Tubes. He will choke and punch Earthworm Jim if he catches him, knocking him back and doing heavy damage. He can block all of Jim's attacks with his forearms, but a single bite from the Hamster will destroy him. In the second game, Number Four can be seen practicing his bowling skills (with a fishbowl) in Anything But Tangerines. Jim can defeat him by hitting padlocks above his head, which will bury him under an avalanche of trash.

  • Chuck and Fifi were apparently defeated for good in the game, since neither one appears in the sequels unlike other villains in the game, nor do they appear in the animated television series or the toy line.
Number Four

Earthworm Jim: Down The Tubes: Number FourNumber Four is the primary large feline minion of Bob the Killer Goldfish. He appears to have no will of his own, simply doing what Bob requires. He is granted the right to carry Bob on his shoulders, a prestigious honor. Number Four is often seen operating the control panels in Bob's Warfish starship, and essentially carrying out any task that Bob, in his limited capacity, cannot.

It is revealed in both the games and the animated series that there had been previous minions similar to Number Four (Numbers One, Two, and Three, although Bob neglects to give any information other than that they have suffered a "rather painful" fate), and that there are feline minions above him as well (Numbers Five, Six, and Seven). They all appeared in one episode of the animated series, where Number Seven joined Numbers One, Two, and Three in Kitty Heaven ("Where the milk flows like waterfalls, and the mice are slow.") after placing an atomic missile into an oven. Ironically, the cats of Kitty Heaven are utterly bored since the slow mice offer no sport.

Number Four appears as an enemy in both Earthworm Jim and Earthworm Jim 2. In the first game, he paces back and forth through the corridors of Bob's underwater base on La Planeta de Agua (Arriba!) in Down the Tubes. He will choke and punch Earthworm Jim if he catches him, knocking him back and doing heavy damage. He can block all of Jim's attacks with his forearms, but a single bite from the Hamster will destroy him. In the second game, Number Four can be seen practicing his bowling skills (with a fishbowl) in Anything But Tangerines. Jim can defeat him by hitting padlocks above his head, which will bury him under an avalanche of trash.

  • Chuck and Fifi were apparently defeated for good in the game, since neither one appears in the sequels unlike other villains in the game, nor do they appear in the animated television series or the toy line.
Rusty the Snowman

Earthworm Jim: What The Heck?: Rusty The SnowmanRusty the Snowman or Frosty the Snowman is the mini-boss of "What the Heck?", the third level in the original video game.

Created by the black magic of Evil the Cat, Rusty is a living snowman who acts as a guard on the fiery planet Heck. He attacks trespasser Earthworm Jim in an attempt to bring Jim's Super Suit to his master, Evil the Cat.

Rusty can melt and grow again at will, reappearing in different places, perhaps due to the green teleportation crystal hidden within his snow. Interestingly, despite being a snowman, Rusty can exist in the extreme heat of Heck, and even breathe fireballs.

As Rusty takes more damage, he will get hotter, belching out more and more fireballs at the same time. Upon being defeated he will explode in a series of squelching, flatulent noises, and Jim can recover the teleportation crystal from Rusty's remains to progress in the level.

  • The encounter with Rusty has its own unique music.
  • In the original game he went unnamed, but various instruction manuals and other materials labelled him simply as "Snowman", and others as "Frosty the Snowman". The character was clearly named as "Rusty the Snowman" in Earthworm Jim HD. It is possible that "Frosty" was his name as an ordinary snowman, and "Rusty" is the name Evil the Cat gave him.
Shadow Demons

Earthworm Jim: What The Heck?: Shadow DemonsShadow Demons, also known as Heck Hounds, are one of the few creatures that reside on the planet Heck, as well as one of the more "hellish" aspects of it. They are seen throughout the level What the Heck? in the game Earthworm Jim. The only other ground enemies that can be found in the level are Lawyers, appearing much less often than Shadow Demons, and only in specific places.

Shadow Demons are black, ghost-like shapes that have two red-yellow eyes and a large, fully toothed mouth with fangs. They will only show their mouths when they try to attack you. They will only try to attack you when you get near them, which will cause them to appear from nowhere or to come out from behind rocks. They will first appear to just hover in place until you make a move, which will entice them to swoop around, chomping at you, similarly to the Crows from New Junk City.

Shadow Demons aren't very hard to kill, but you should continue moving during combat, especially when taking on multiple Demons at once, to avoid being bitten. If they are directly above you, then you should whip at them, dealing out about half of their life, then you should either jump up and finish them off with another whiplash, or simply aim diagonally, or wherever they flew off to, and just continue to blast them until they die. If you're dealing with multiple Shadow Demons, one on the left of you, the other on the right, you should probably quick move under the one that you whipped first, to avoid taking damage from the second one, and you should jump up and whip the other one again, killing it, and then finish the other one off by shooting it to death. The alternative, assuming the first one doesn't make a move on you as you do it, is to wait for the second one to swoop down at you and diagonally whip at it, and then jump over it and whip down on it, or back away and jump and whip sideways, or you could jump up and finish it off with a super-blast. If you are going to try and take on two in the same spot you should go near or under them and fire a super-blast, killing one and taking half of the life off the other. The one that did not die will swoop down at you, so you should jump up quickly and do a midair diagonal-whip at it, killing it. If you are going to take on three of more, a good way to dispose of them quickly would be to slowly walk towards them if they are all in the same spot, and just fire strait at them all, and if you can only kill one or two, just back away and keep unloading on to them and they will go down fast.

  • They will let out a sinister cackle or a murderous scream when they explode.
  • They are ghosts, not demonic entities, as their name suggests.
  • They growl before they chomp at you.

Earthworm Jim Cheat Codes

Level Warp Codes

Press pause and then press:

  • A+Left, X,X,X+B,X,A,XA+Left
  • A,B,Up+Y,Up+Y,Left,Right,Left,Right
    Who Turned out the Light?
  • Y,X,Y,X,A,B,A,X
    What the Heck
  • A,B,X,B,A,B,B,B+L
    Snot A Problem
  • A+B, B+X, X+Y, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right
    Level 5
  • Up, Down, Left+Down, Left, Down, Down, Up+Left, Down
    Down The Tubes
  • A,X,Left,Left,X+Y,Up,Down,Left
  • A,B,X,A,B,X,A,B+R
    For Pete's Sake
  • L+A,A,R+A,A,B,B,X,B
    Andy Asteroids
Cheat Codes

Press pause and then press:

  • Y + X, B, Y, B, X, B, X, X
    Extra continue
  • A, X, A, X, A, A, A, A
    Map View Mode
  • B+X, B, B, B, A, A, X, A
    Extra life (infinite use)
  • A, B, X, Y, Y, X, B, A
    One-time (per stage) energy refill
  • +X, B, A, B, X, X, X, X
    Infinite energy refills
  • A+Left, B, X, A, A, B, X, A
    Debug menu
  • B, B, A, X+Y, B, A, A, A
    Extra life (once per stage)
  • A,B,X,A,A+X,B+X,B+X,X+A
    Level Skip (Alt.)
  • Y,A,B,B,A,Y,A,B
    Nick Jones Code
  • A+X,B,B,A,A,X,B,L+R
    Plasma Power Up (Infinite Times)
  • A,A, B+L,A,A,X,B+L,X
    Plasma Power Up (Once per stage)
  • A, B, A, B, X, Y, X, Y
    One time only extra continue
  • A+X, B, A, B, X, X, X, X
    Ammo refill
  • Select, B, X, A, A, X, B and Select
    Level Skip/li>

Earthworm Jim Glitches

Strange Death

This is a very simple code, but it's kind of funny. When you are at the Buttville stage where you must use the helicopter head to fly downwards: There are two different paths to take in order to complete the stage. Take the left one, but don't leave yet, just stand on the ground near the exit. Now, run into the thorns until Jims health reaches from 20% to 30%. Now when you get hit this time- the second you get hit, run to the exit where you get warped to the next stage and Jim won't be dead yet. You'll appear in the next stage,now quickly run as soon as the stage begins, and it looks like Jim has a heart attack or something because he dies for no reason- this is most likely because the game couldn't calculate the damage taken by the thorns fast enough to make Jim die in the previous stage.↑↑