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Frogger (#36)


Developer: Majesco Sales, Inc.
Publisher: Konami Industry Co. Ltd.
Websites: Wikipedia
Release Date: August 1998
Players: 1 - 2

Your task in this arcade conversion is to guide a frog across a treacherous road and river, and to safety at the top of the screen. Both these sections are fraught with a variety of hazards, each of which will kill the frog and cost you a life if contact is made.

The road is full of cars and trucks, at variable speeds. The river water itself is fatal, as are the snakes which hover within on later levels. Frogger must use the arrangement of logs, turtles (which are only there for a short time) and alligators (but stay away form their faces), and then jump into one of the open home-cells, ideally one containing a fly for extra points. Once all holes have been filled, you move onto the next, harder, level.

In Frogger, if you fall into the water, you die. This makes no sense at all in the real world: Frogs are amphibious creatures, at home in the water as much as on land.

Jurassic Park (#40)

Jurassic Park

Developer: Segay
Publisher: Ocean Software
Release Date: March 3, 1994
ToysRus - Sacramento - $20 • October 2, 1994
Players: 1 - 4
Website: WikipediaWalkthrough 1Walkthrough 2Cheats

The SNES game based on the film Jurassic Park is an action title that combines top-down and first-person perspectives.

Playing as Dr. Alan Grant, the player's ultimate goal is to escape the Jurassic Park island. To reach that goal, several other tasks must be completed, including restoring power to the park and destroying a Velociraptor nest.

The large game world is seen from a top-down view and can be freely explored. Some areas are not accessible from the beginning, however. To enter them, keycards must be found or some special goal be completed, like rebooting the computer system and using it to open certain gates. Dr. Grant can defend himself against the many free-roaming dinosaurs with a variety of weapons, including an electroshock gun, a shotgun, rocket launcher, gas grenade launcher and bola gun. All weapons except the electro gun require ammo to work. A radar at the bottom of the screen helps in detecting approaching dinosaurs, but will only work once the park's motion detectors have been activated.

Upon entering one of the park's buildings, the game view switches to a scrolling first person perspective, reminiscent of early first person shooters like Wolfenstein 3D. Just like outside, dinosaurs lurk in the corridors, and the same guns as in the overworld map can be used to destroy them. Many buildings consist of several floors, with elevators connecting them. Some rooms are pitch black and can only be entered when in possession of night vision goggles.

The game supports the SNES mouse for the first-person sections and the computer system interface.

The dinosaurs are loose in Jurassic Park. Take the role of Dr. Grant as you try to escape from the roaming monsters. Ocean's exclusive technology allows all of the action to be rendered in 3D. You will get so close to the action that you'll swear that you can feel the breath of the dinosaurs on the back of your neck. If you can avoid the razor sharp claws of the raptors, you just might be able to escape Jurassic Park.


  • Based on the film
  • Multiple levels
  • Variety of dinosaurs
  • Take the role of Dr. Grant
  • 3D graphics

Zombies Ate My Neighbors (#20)

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Developer: LucasArts [Encyclopedia Gamia | GameFAQs
Publisher: LucasArts
Release Date: July 19, 1993
Toys-R-Us / Reno: $20 • January 28, 1995
Players: 1 - 2
Websites: WikiZombies Ate My Neighbors infoWalkthrough VideosFAQ WalkthroughGuide Walkthrough

Zombies have invaded your neighborhood and are trying to eat your neighbors. Try to save the neighbors, cheerleaders, and babies in 55 levels of action and adventure. Battle zombies, mummies, evil dolls, lizard men, vampires, and giant ants with a wide range of weapons including Uzi squirt guns, exploding soda, bazookas, weed whackers, and ancient artifacts. If you have a hard time getting through one of the levels, have a friend come over and help you out in the Two-Player mode. Save your neighborhood from a terrible fate in Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

In the game you are a male or female protagonist (Zeke or Julia), fighting the vampires, mummies, zombies, etc. on over 50 levels (not including secrets) and saving all of the people you find. There are defined number of neighbors you save on every level. When they are free then "Exit" door opens and you jump on next level. The levels differ from mall and grocery store to beaches and football fields. Using different weapons such as bazooka or water gun you have to kill the bosses such as huge babies, dragons or ants at the end of levels. You can play the game with two players cooperatively.

At the end of the game there's a special credits level called “Monsters Among Us” in which you walk around in the LucasArts headquarters. The game developers are sitting at their desks or just hang around and when you approach them they will tell you who they are and what their role in the development of the game was.

Some bits of trivia regarding this credits level:

  • George Lucas welcomes you at the door tells you to get back to work.
  • A woman at a desk says: “watch out for our boss Kelly Flock”
  • Steve Purcell, of Sam & Max fame, is dressed up like Indiana Jones.
  • The purple tentacle from Day of the Tentacle is one of the monsters in this level.
  • A guy at a desk says: “I cannot wait for the robot game” (anybody got an idea which game he means? I guess it's something related to Star Wars)
Play the special credits level

To jump directly to the special credits level, type the following code at the password screen: XWJR

Day of the Tentacle bonus level

Use the Password BCDF then start the game like normal to play the bonus round "Day of the Tentacle" before going to Level 1.

Red Potions save ammo.

Save Red Potions! In certain levels, like Chainsaw Hedgemaze Mayhem, you can save a lot of Bazooka rounds by smashing through the hedges as the Purple Beast (unlocking the “Massive Damage” bonus award if you smash enough hedges). You can also take on stronger monsters like Vlad Belmont, Snakeoids and the Frankenstein Monster as the Purple Beast easier - you can inflict massive damage to them and take none yourself as the Purple Beast is invulnerable. Mystery Potions can sometimes turn you into the Purple Beast, but don't depend on that; you should be very conservative with Red Potions due to that fact.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors Passwords

Put the zombies on the barbequeue with this set of passwords.

Level 5 = VHRV
Level 9 = PBGG
Level 13 = BFCB
Level 17 = BKYZ
Level 21 = VXBB
Level 25 = XYLZ
Level 29 = YLZD
Level 33 = WJQK
Level 37 = BZVG
Level 41 = BRPK
Level 45 = VLHX
Level 45 = BLHR (alternate)

Zombies Ate My Neighbors Bonus Level

To access the bonus levels, enter the passwords BCDF or GYLM.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors Sound Effects

When the LucasArts logo appears on-screen, press L or R. If you press L, you'll hear a person scream. If you press R, you'll hear a dog bark.


Play 3 Bonus Levels: "Curse of the Pharoahs," "Mushroom Men," and the hard-to-reach "Cheerleaders vs. the Monsters."

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