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Everyone Plays! describes “Game” as: An activity providing entertainment or amusement.

Everyone in the world has played a game sometime in their life from childhood like Hide & Go Seek to adult hood like marriage, and everything in between. There are games you get physical like basketball to games that work the mind like chess. Games can be played to pass the time or to make money—there are even games they play on television.

Growing up in the late 60's through the 70's and into early 80's we did not have the console, computer, or arcade games that are around today; when I was five in 1970 the first arcade game was introduced — I never saw it, i played like old fashioned boys did — outside in the dirt.

The first console game by was introduced the following year — again I never saw it, we were told to play out side. It wasn't until 1980 when the arcade fever began to heat up, the only thing one needed was plenty of quarters.

The first computer game was made in the 50's, but no one had one to play it, it wasn't until 1977 when Apple introduced the first Home Computer, but did we get one? No, but I knew someone who did.

Okay, Okay, this is not a history lesson, just getting my point across that I PLAY VIDEO GAMES!!! To make up for what we didn't have when I was growing up. Why should all the fun be had by todays punk kids?

We have spanned the internet for the information and although we have downloaded and reformatted quite a bit for fear that it may be taken of the internet and gone forever, some of the information is still available online, at least it was on December 5, 2008.

We try to be accurate by using the information from the manufacture's, designer's, programmer's, and distributor's sites; so if there is any errors, it most likely came from them, but we try to correct it when we see it.